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Username: TheBrood_ECG
First Name: Chris Last Name: Akin
E-mail: cakin24@gmail.com
ICQ: Location: Delaware
Hobbies: Racing, muscle / classic cars, classic rock / metal, firefighting, playing guitars / drums Web Page:
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PWF GNS - 2003 #37 & #80 Timber Wolf Pontiac's from Homestead - 2003 BGN Timber Wolf Pontiacs.zip 720 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 2/25/2018 - 2 User Comments - 765.6 kb  
Both of these cars ran at Homestead in 2003. The #37 is David Green and the #80 is Mark Green. David Green was competing for the Busch Series championship and his brother Mark ran a renumbered Brewco backup car to help with his chances since it was a very close points battle entering the race. Both cars are rated and come with pit crews. Thanks to Brian Simpson, JrFan, Google, Brands of the World and I don't know who made the Wolf base scheme, but I used it as a start and did a lot of tweaking and edits to that.
Cup2000 - #3 Dale Earnhardt 2001 *The Winston* (Fictional / Rumored) - TheWinston01_3.cup.car 714 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 2/25/2018 - 0 User Comments - 667.5 kb  
This is what Dale Earnhardt was rumored to run for The Winston in 2001. Dale had apparently asked to run a white GM Goodwrench scheme for The Winston that year. The car looks almost identical to what Kevin Harvick would run the two weeks following Dale's passing, which may have very well been what Dale was going to run in The Winston. I based this car off the Daytona 500 car, just changing the colors around and keeping all the logos the same. The car comes rated and with a pit crew. Thanks to Splash N Go, Sage, Google, Brands of the World and CC48.
NNRCS - #87 Petsmart Dodge (Cup12) - 87_CAkin_NNRCS.cup.car 1128 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 9/23/2012 - 0 User Comments - 2,210.4 kb  
Here is my entry for NNRCS. For the DMR Cup12 mod. The credits are as followed; BOTW, Paddedwall, RollinThunder99, Masgrafx, DMR, Tenor's Render, myself and anyone else I left out. This car includes a matching Petsmart pitcrew, and does NOT have ratings.
NNRCP - Cup11slr #87 Petsmart Dodge - NNRCS_87_CAkin.cup.car 1501 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 6/10/2011 - 1 User Comments - 1,659.9 kb  
This is my entry for the NNRCP. Had this all finished up Wednesday night when Paintshop crashed on me before I got a chance to save. Sorry for the last minute upload on this one. The credits are as followed; BOTW, Paddedwall, RollinThunder99, Masgrafx, DMR, myself and anyone else I left out. This car includes a matching Petsmart pitcrew, and does NOT have ratings. This is for the low-res version as my computer can not handle 2048 templates.
1992 Ed Berrier 2 Car Set (Cup90) - Ed Berrier Cars.zip 1521 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 12/21/2010 - 4 User Comments - 1,174.2 kb  
These are the cars driven by Ed Berrier in the Busch Series in 1992 and 1993. Credits; RacinGrafix (template with modifications by me), Paddedwall.org, Sage and Google (logos), 20Champ08 (detailed side windows), Turn4Graphics and DER (contingencies), Ten0r's (rendering services) and of course myself (numbers, base, and a logo or two). The file includes both scheme variations as well as a pit crew and car ratings.
1989 Rob Moroso Swisher Sweets Champion - Cup90 - 89_RMoroso_BGN.cts.car 1562 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 11/24/2010 - 2 User Comments - 670.7 kb  
The 1989 Busch Series champion and his car from that season. Rob Moroso won four races in the 1989 season. Sadly, Rob was lost in 1990. I always had liked this car so I decided to make it. Credits; Brands of The World (logos), RacinGrafx (template), CC48 (contingencies), Google (logos), Myself (base, numbers) and Tenor's (rendering services). I think I mentioned everyone, if not, I apologize. The car is rated and does include a Swisher Sweets pit crew. Enjoy!
#67 The Trophy Shop Olds (My car, Cup90) - 91_BGNN_CAkin.cts.car 1449 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 11/3/2010 - 1 User Comments - 559.6 kb  
This is a fictional car I created for the 1991 Busch North Series set that was released a while back. Credits; RacinGrafx (template), Mopac.com (logo), The Trophy Shop (logo), CC48 (contingencies), MRD (logo), 20Champ08 (detailed side windows, with minor editing by me), and myself (base, Dollar General logo, numbers, a few contingencies). This car also includes an early 90's era jean and t-shirt pit crew.
#80 CLR Pontiac (Cup90) - 94_BGN_CAkin.cts.car 1556 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 4/17/2010 - 0 User Comments - 523.4 kb  
This is my personal car for the 1994 Busch Series set released for the Cup90 mod. Credits go out to Masgrafx for CLR logo and number, contingencies are from the #51 released with the set (unsure of original artist), I believe Deadpool and Paddedwall also for a few things. Also includes a semi matching pitcrew.
2010 #19 Elliott Sadler Hunt Brothers Pizza - Sadler_Pizza10.cup.car 1807 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 1/13/2010 - 2 User Comments - 2,089.8 kb  
Here is the proposed Hunt Brothers Pizza scheme of Elliott Sadler. I know it isn't perfect, and I will get around to doing an update on it when pictures of the real car are available. Credits; Masgrafx, Lurn2Burn, BCR, MRD, Google, T4G, EPD, RuRa, and any others I may have left out.
#24 Odessa Fire Company SSnet - OFC_24CAkin2010.cup.car 1390 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 12/6/2009 - 2 User Comments - 1,508.9 kb  
This is a fictional car I threw together for my fire company, the Odessa Fire Company in Odessa, Delaware. I had made a few cars for my company years ago, but Nascarfan13 saw a post of mine on another site regarding a picture of my department's ambulance at the Dover race and decided to paint a car so I decided I'd give it a shot too. Credit's are BCR template, someone here for the b-pillars I believe, Google, Masgrafx Numbers, myself and ofc424.com. Visit the Odessa Fire Company at www.ofc424.com!
CTS09 - Chris Fontaine #84 (Dover) - 84C_Fontaine.cts.car 1540 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 8/7/2009 - 1 User Comments - 1,590.6 kb  
This is Chris Fontaine's #84 BDH Construction Chevy from the Dover race earlier this year. The truck is about 95% accurate, the only thing wrong with it is the font for the word "construction". However, I did find one pretty close. Other than that I believe this thing is pretty much spot on. Credits, Lurn2Burn for the base, Google, Wardog, ChrisFontaine.com, Myself, Masgrax, RuRa? perhaps for the contingencies. I apologize if I left anyone out or named the wrong source. Also comes with a pit crew and ratings!
Aero88 Car For Offline League - CAkin99.cts.car 1502 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 7/19/2009 - 1 User Comments - 528.6 kb  
Here is my car for the Aero88 offline league. J&J Racing was the team Tommy Ellis won the BGN Championship with in 1988. However I decided to cut some funding, and include only a jean and t- shirt pitcrew. Credits; Google, DER Contingencies, CC48, I think that's all of them, if you recognize something I missed please point it out.
Elliott Sadler M&M's Retro COT SSnet - Sadler M&Ms.cup.car 2343 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 6/22/2009 - 2 User Comments - 456.8 kb  
My favorite driver, Elliott Sadler drove the M&M's Ford from 2003 until the summer of 2006. I mixed his 2004 and 2005 schemes together for this neat retro. Credits; Masgrafx, NNR, SSnet, SRD / Jason Roush, TRG, T4G, Google, and any others I may have forgotten. Comes with pit crew.
#99 TNT Fireworks Olds - Cup90 Fictional - 99CAkin_TNT.cts.car 1477 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 1/28/2009 - 2 User Comments - 542.1 kb  
This is the car I used for the Cup90 mod, my favorite mod. Comes with a matching pit crew. Credits to Google Images, Brands of the World, Masgrafx, CC48, Deadpool, Mayo Racing Designs, Chorton 49 for the awesome render. I think thats it, if I left anyone out I apologize.
#5 GMAC Chevy COT (Retro BGN) - 5_BGN_03.cup.car 1448 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 10/31/2008 - 1 User Comments - 637.8 kb  
This is the #5 GMAC Chevy driven by Brian Vickers to 3 wins and the Busch Series championship in 2003. I've always liked this car and came across a picture of it the other night and decided to retro it up. Credits to Lanzock, Masgrafx, SSnet, NNR, TRG, google, and any others I may have possibly forgotten. Comes with a matching pit crew.
PEAK Antifreeze / Tribute Dodge - 87C_Akin_Memory.cup.car 1475 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 6/18/2008 - 2 User Comments - 642.3 kb  
This will be my car for the upcoming weekend. Bob was a fellow firefighter who died yesterday after suffering injuries from falling 15 feet off scaffolding 2 1/2 weeks ago. For more information please visit www.ofc424.com Credits to SSnet, Google, Masgrafx, NNR, and any others I forgot. Car comes complete with pitcrew.
Jimmie Johnson 2002 - 2005 SSnet Retro! - JJohnson2005.cup.car 1465 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 5/30/2008 - 2 User Comments - 549.5 kb  
Not sure if you want to call this a retro or what, but I always wondered what it would look like on a COT and the result is what you see. I am 100% satisfied with the way it turned out. Credits to Mayo, Masgrafx, Google, NNRacing member for bpillars, Lanzock, SSnet. The car is rated and does come with a matching crew.
#87 PEAK Antifreeze Dodge - SSnet - 87_CAkin08.cup.car 1534 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 5/9/2008 - 1 User Comments - 801.4 kb  
Here is my car for 2008. Credits to Lanzock, TRG, Masgrafx, Google images, NNRacing, and any others I forgot. Car comes complete with a matching pit crew.
PLEASE LOOK #87 PEAK / RIP Mike Heimbach Dodge - 87_Heimbach.cup.car 1506 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 10/31/2007 - 3 User Comments - 954.8 kb  
I'll be driving this for a while now. Michael Heimbach, 37, was killed Saturday in a car wreck in Townsend, DE. He was a member of the same fire company (Odessa Fire Co.) as me. He was also a very dedicated member of the Townsend Fire Co., which sadly discovered Mike lying in the woods lifeless 30 feet from the pickup he was driving. Please let this be a reminder to wear your seatbelt whenever you drive, or ride in a moving vehicle. Michael Heimbach 9/17/1970 - 10/27/07. Credits go to Zone 15, Google, BOTW, Masgrafx, and any others I may have forgotten. This is for the default NR2003 Cup mod, I will make a SSnet COT one during the weekend.
50 United States Flags .psd Worksheet - 50Stateflags.psd 1612 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 7/18/2007 - 5 User Comments - 81.2 kb  
I figured since I have not yet come across something like this that it would make everything a lot easier. This worksheet in .psd, contains all 50 US States, Washington DC, and two American Flags, along with 14 other countries. Each flag is its own layer to make things even easier. Flags will fit on 1024 cars perfectly. Please give credit if you use this!
2008 Dale Jr #5 Mountain Dew Fic (DansCOT) - 5_DaleJr_2008.cup.car 2093 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 7/14/2007 - 7 User Comments - 411.1 kb  
Ok, I know there has been 30,000 of these made, but I figured I'd give it a shot. The car and sponsors are from what rumors are going around. Credits: Masgrafx, Mayo, BOTW, Google, Tucknut, Lanzock, and I forget who from here for the b-pillars. Comments welcome, Enjoy!
1999 Dale Earnhardt Sr sign car RETRO - 1999_3Sign.cup.car 1548 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 7/4/2007 - 3 User Comments - 546.8 kb  
This car was requested by Deep Sea Captain. This is Dale's 1999 Goodwrench sign hood car. Credits go out to; NNR, Masgrafx, Tucknut, and BOTW. Fairly easy car to do. Car comes with ratings and Mr.Joe's 2007 Dale Earnhardt crew! Enjoy, and as always feel free to leave a comment. Car is for Dannisbet COT mod CUP Physics.
2001 Kevin Harvick Rockingham RETRO (Dannisbet Cup) - 01_Kevin29Black.cup.zip 1579 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 6/27/2007 - 5 User Comments - 1,033.0 kb  
This is Kevin's car which he drove at Rockingham in 2001 after Dale's death. Credits to; NNR, Masgrafx, Tucknut, BOTW, and Mayo. This is a .zip file, it includes one car with rookie stripes and another car without rookie stripes. Both cars are complete with ratings and a crew. Enjoy, and as always comments welcome.
Kevin Harvick 2002 RETRO COT (Dannisbet Cup) - 02_Harvick29.cup.car 1541 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 6/26/2007 - 3 User Comments - 553.9 kb  
Here is Kevin's 2002 GM Goodwrench Chevy, retro-fied. Credits to Masgrafx, Mayo, BOTW, NNR, and Tucknut. Car is complete with ratings, and Harvick's default 2003 pitcrew. Be on the lookout for more retros from me. Enjoy, and as always comments welcome.
REPLAY - Flagman gets a good scare - Flagman NEAR Death experience.rpy 1353 downloads
TheBrood_ECG - 6/26/2007 - 1 User Comments - 1,126.6 kb  
This happened at Nevada Superspeedway....Find it at freewebs.com/speedwaygrafix But anyway, watch this....I go for a little spin and when I correct it I get run over by Gordon and Kyle Busch and then the flagman comes into play. Check it out, its really cool. You can find my #87 PEAK Dodge by clicking my name.
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