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NNRCP - Cup11slr #87 Petsmart Dodge
TheBrood_ECG - 6/10/2011 - 1,659.9 kb - 1347 User Downloads  
Posted By: TheBrood_ECG  
This is my entry for the NNRCP. Had this all finished up Wednesday night when Paintshop crashed on me before I got a chance to save. Sorry for the last minute upload on this one. The credits are as followed; BOTW, Paddedwall, RollinThunder99, Masgrafx, DMR, myself and anyone else I left out. This car includes a matching Petsmart pitcrew, and does NOT have ratings. This is for the low-res version as my computer can not handle 2048 templates.
Screen Shot:
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Posted By: TheBrood_ECG  
Don't mind the red windows, it was an error in the render. Thanks to Ten0r's for the rendering.
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