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Cup2000 - #3 Dale Earnhardt 2001 *The Winston* (Fictional / Rumored)
TheBrood_ECG - 2/25/2018 - 667.5 kb - 569 User Downloads  
Posted By: TheBrood_ECG  
This is what Dale Earnhardt was rumored to run for The Winston in 2001. Dale had apparently asked to run a white GM Goodwrench scheme for The Winston that year. The car looks almost identical to what Kevin Harvick would run the two weeks following Dale's passing, which may have very well been what Dale was going to run in The Winston. I based this car off the Daytona 500 car, just changing the colors around and keeping all the logos the same. The car comes rated and with a pit crew. Thanks to Splash N Go, Sage, Google, Brands of the World and CC48.
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