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#5 GMAC Chevy COT (Retro BGN)
TheBrood_ECG - 10/31/2008 - 637.8 kb - 1316 User Downloads  
Posted By: TheBrood_ECG  
This is the #5 GMAC Chevy driven by Brian Vickers to 3 wins and the Busch Series championship in 2003. I've always liked this car and came across a picture of it the other night and decided to retro it up. Credits to Lanzock, Masgrafx, SSnet, NNR, TRG, google, and any others I may have possibly forgotten. Comes with a matching pit crew.
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Posted By: DrECU24  
FREAKIN PHAT!!! I always wished this was the car Vickers would have driven. Awesome job.
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