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1989 Rob Moroso Swisher Sweets Champion - Cup90
TheBrood_ECG - 11/24/2010 - 670.7 kb - 1443 User Downloads  
Posted By: TheBrood_ECG  
The 1989 Busch Series champion and his car from that season. Rob Moroso won four races in the 1989 season. Sadly, Rob was lost in 1990. I always had liked this car so I decided to make it. Credits; Brands of The World (logos), RacinGrafx (template), CC48 (contingencies), Google (logos), Myself (base, numbers) and Tenor's (rendering services). I think I mentioned everyone, if not, I apologize. The car is rated and does include a Swisher Sweets pit crew. Enjoy!
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Posted By: PinkFloyd79  
Rob was truly talented and its sad he died the way he did. He is missed.
Posted By: Underdogfan  
Man you're makin Cup90 cars as good as anyone lse out there if i gave you a list of some field fillers no one has dont yet could you make em? Alex
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