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#67 The Trophy Shop Olds (My car, Cup90)
TheBrood_ECG - 11/3/2010 - 559.6 kb - 1319 User Downloads  
Posted By: TheBrood_ECG  
This is a fictional car I created for the 1991 Busch North Series set that was released a while back. Credits; RacinGrafx (template), Mopac.com (logo), The Trophy Shop (logo), CC48 (contingencies), MRD (logo), 20Champ08 (detailed side windows, with minor editing by me), and myself (base, Dollar General logo, numbers, a few contingencies). This car also includes an early 90's era jean and t-shirt pit crew.
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Posted By: moparmadman  
Nice job the scheme really fits the era.
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