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---The Car Painting Policy Here @ NNRacing---
Blueclipse28 - 12/9/2008  

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Links Update
Muddslide18 - 12/4/2008  

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It took a very long time but it is finally done. The Links section has been updated. I Removed all dead and out dated links. I ask that if you are going to add a link to your new site that you add them to the General Sim section or they will be deleted.
Uploads Fixed
Alex Santantonio - 6/23/2008  

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Sorry everyone. We went and ran out of space on the server, so uploads were failing. I corrected the issue and am also building a new drive array for increased server capacity. Sorry for the inconvenience, please re-upload the files you tried to upload before.
NNRacing.com Announces Site Improvements to Increase Download Speeds
Alex Santantonio - 1/1/2008  


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NNracing.com is pleased to announce the implementation of several site improvements, including increased server bandwidth, automatic compression for user uploads, and greater storage capacity.... see the full story

Let's Clear Up The *SPOILER* Rule
lisa48 - 5/3/2007  

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We don't have a PHP board like other sites, so everything gets lumped together. After a race, we ask you to please put *RACE SPOILER* in the subject line, so you don't spoil the race for the people who haven't seen it.... see the full story
Benny Parsons dies after battle with lung cancer
lisa48 - 1/16/2007  

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Benny Parsons
July 12, 1941 - January 16, 2007

Benny Parsons succumbed to complications from lung cancer treatment
in the Intensive Care Unit of the Carolinas Medial Center in Charlotte, NC


Bobby Hamilton dies after battle with cancer
lisa48 - 1/7/2007  

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Bobby Hamilton Sr
May 29, 1957 - January 7, 2007


NNRacing.com Name Change Complete
Alex Santantonio - 7/24/2006  

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The name change for NNRacing.com is complete. If you had your login information saved under the old domain, just go to The Old Domain and you should be redirected here with your new credentials saved. If you have any problems getting your old username and password, please use the forgot password link or contact an admin.
Roots, History and Tradition ..... yeah right.
lisa48 - 5/14/2006  


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Darlington should not have lost a date to California. She stands on her own as one of the greatest tracks ever and shouldn't be replaced by anything. Darlington should remain on the schedule for as long as there is a NASCAR. However, NASCAR talks and talks about history and closes Riverside, talks and talks about itís roots and closes North Wilkesboro, talks and talks about tradition and closes Rockingham. I fear that Darlington will be next to see the axe of NASCAR. One of the greatest tracks ever made; soon to be replaced by a cookie cutter. Itíll be a sad day when Darlington is gone. Not if, but when.
It's not the black #3 ..... but it's damn close.
lisa48 - 4/27/2006  

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When I first heard that Dale Jr. was gonna drive a black Bud car. I was thinking some weird scheme only being made for the die-cast sales. Then when I saw the car on the DEI garage cam, I saw what the scheme really was; to honor the best NASCAR driver in history on his birthday weekend. And just now, I saw the car that's gonna be at Tally. It's an amazingly beautiful car. I had a chill run down my back and all I can do is smile. I know for a fact that Dale is up there right now looking down and he's got that big Cheshire cat smile behind those mirrored eyes and he's beyond proud. That is the best birthday present anyone could give him. Good job DEI.<
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