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Let's Clear Up The *SPOILER* Rule
lisa48 - 5/3/2007  

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We don't have a PHP board like other sites, so everything gets lumped together. After a race, we ask you to please put *RACE SPOILER* in the subject line, so you don't spoil the race for the people who haven't seen it. There are some people that have to work Saturday nights or Sundays and they don't get the chance to see the race live. These people set their VCR to record it, or they DDR it or have a trained chimp that draws detailed pictures of each lead change with crayons. The point is: What's the fun in watching a race, if you know who's gonna win? Failure to follow the rule, results in a two-week suspension; no warnings.
So be nice and just do it.

Now, as for when to stop putting *SPOILER* in the subject line would be Monday Night. By Monday night, that gives people plenty of time to have watched their recorded (or drawn) race. After Monday Night, feel free to talk about the race all you like, with any subject line you like (within the TOS of course).

Hope this clears some things up.
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