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Alex Santantonio
Username: Alex Santantonio
First Name: Alex Last Name: Santantonio
E-mail: webmaster@nascarnet.com
ICQ: Location: Alexandria, VA
Hobbies: Web Design and NASCAR Web Page: http://www.nnracing.com/
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1992 Aero Complete Set - 1992SetAero88.zip 6018 downloads
tryingtobecool - 10/4/2004 - 6 User Comments - 38,015.2 kb  
It's the 1991-92 offseason right now. The Daytona 500 is only a few weeks away. Richard Petty just announced his retirement tour. Dale Earnhardt won his 5th championship in 1991. Will he get his 6th in 1992? You have just signed a deal with a sponsor, for the 1992 season.
1990 Aero Complete Set - 1990set.zip 6634 downloads
Polaski, CC48, CJ44, SPDSHFT - 8/30/2004 - 13 User Comments - 27,855.2 kb  
A lot of work went into this season for everyones enjoyment. It includes 57 actual drivers with pitcrews/ and simplified ratings which do make for interesting racing. Also includes 2 fictional player cars (#46 City) and (#35 Heehaw) if you so choose.

You will need North_Wilkesboro_2004 track in order for 1990 season.ini file to work.

Thanks goes to the following.

Mod...The Pits
Templates...The Pits for original templates,Randy G for Pontiac update Yarahinohashi for Lumina,SPDSHFT for TBird,
Pictures ...MrNascar40,Pip,DEI4life Painters....CC#48,CJ44,SPDSHFT,Polaski
Websites ...Nascarnet,Aero88 forum, The Pits,Race Car Central,RacinUsa,DERacing,Masgrafx.

N2002 2003 IROC Set - IROC Set.zip 4086 downloads
Moorewc278 - 2/24/2003 - 4 User Comments - 5,382.4 kb  
Thanks to Moorewc278 for this wonderful complete set of 2003 IROC cars. temp is from RDD
N3 2003 Carset - N32003CarsetV1_31.zip 4334 downloads
Shawn Purdy - 2/18/2003 - 16 User Comments - 985.0 kb  
My 2003 Nascar 3 Carset, Thanks to HoosierDaddy24, DEIfan98,Goodwrench28, for alot of Decals from there NR2002 Cars, which made this set possible. Also Thanks to James Thomas for a few cars in this set. Cars included in the set are 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,29,30,31,32,40, 41,42,43,45,48,49,54,77,88,97,99,0,01 All Cars, and the Carset are available for download at my site as well http://srpsoft.racesimcentral.com/
NR2002 patch - si_nascar2002_update_1102.exe 5247 downloads
Papyrus - 6/4/2002 - 1 User Comments - 4,066.9 kb  
This patch fixes

* Fixed a problem introduced in the patch that caused the AI to lose traction and crash excessively (the hairpin at Sears Point was most noticeably affected).

* Fixed a cheat which could allow for a client's car to become invulnerable in multiplayer races.
* Removed the "..." admin command due to security concerns.

* Improved the previous Direct3D menu lockup fix for NVidia Detonator 23.11 and later drivers so as to not cause the framerate hit some users experienced in the patch.

* Fixed a texture problem at Texas.

The patched version of NASCAR® Racing 2002 Season is not multiplayer compatible with previously released versions. As a client you will only be able to see and join patched servers, and similarly as a host only patched clients will be able to see and join your server.

N2002 - Car Templates - skins_all.zip 5227 downloads
Papyrus - 1/24/2002 - 2 User Comments - 1,569.0 kb  
These are the new templates for NASCAR Racing 2002. There are 9 files total, 1 PSD and 1 TGA for each make of car, and 1 TGA for just a blank car. Enjoy.
NR 2002 Demo - NR2002_demo.exe 9314 downloads
Papyrus - 12/30/2001 - 2 User Comments - 57,410.6 kb  
This is the playable demo for Papyrus's soon to be released NR 2002. It will add some new tracks and a few other bells and whistles. Be sure to let us know what you think on the message board. Take care.
N4 - No CD patch - N4. - ND-CD_N4. 17408 downloads
kc5mvv, I did not make this - 10/27/2001 - 8 User Comments - 1,406.4 kb  
No CD patch for N4. Will not work in muliplayer.
N4 - 2001 - Dale Earnhardt Jr. - #8 No Bull Win 2001 - 8_01_earnhardtjr_tally_nasnet.cup.zip 3634 downloads
Alex Santantonio - 10/21/2001 - 1 User Comments - 257.5 kb  
This is the car that drove and won in the Fall Talladega race of 2001. Jr. was a No Boll competitor in this event and also ran the US flag on the rear decklid. With his win he made a lucky fan $1,000,000 richer.
N4 - International - v4. - Official Patch - n4. 4296 downloads
Alex Santantonio - 10/17/2001 - 0 User Comments - 8,193.4 kb  
The one we have been waiting for, the Official Papy patch for N4. Hope this does well.

This patch is not multiplayer compatible with previous versions. You will be able to log onto Sierra.com's NASCAR Racing 4 multiplayer matchmaking service but you will only see servers which are running the same version. This patch will install over any of the following versions;,, and for the n4. patch, and for the n4. patch.

N4 - USA - v4. - Official Patch - n4. 7997 downloads
Papyrus - 10/17/2001 - 0 User Comments - 8,445.7 kb  
The one we have been waiting for, the Official Papy patch for N4. Hope this does well.

This patch is not multiplayer compatible with previous versions. You will be able to log onto Sierra.com's NASCAR Racing 4 multiplayer matchmaking service but you will only see servers which are running the same version. This patch will install over any of the following versions;,, and for the n4. patch, and for the n4. patch.

N4 - 1995 - Dale Earnhardt - #3 Winston Select Silver - 3_winston_95_nasnet.cup.zip 3274 downloads
Alex Santantonio - 10/2/2001 - 1 User Comments - 229.4 kb  
This was the beginning. In 1995 Dale Earnhardt drove this special edition paint scheme at The Winston, NASCAR's All Star Event, as a tribute to RJ's 25 years in NASCAR Winston Cup Racing. Even though Dale was involved in taking out 10 cars that night, and twice his own, this special scheme sparked what seems like an every other week paint change for more drivers in the Garage. This is just the first in many famous schemes to roll on the #3 in the May Event.
N4 - 2002 - Kevin Harvick - #29 GM Goodwrench Service - 29_02_k_harvick_nasnet.cup.zip 4654 downloads
Alex Santantonio - 9/30/2001 - 10 User Comments - 268.4 kb  
*Updated 10/1/01* Fixed roof colors and decklid as well as associate sponsors. The announcement was finally made this weekend as to what the paint scheme would look like. A little old and a little new. Please let me know what you think, and enjoy the new ride.
N4 - 2001 - Rusty Wallace - #2 Miller Lite - 2_01_r_wallace_nasnet.cup.zip 2806 downloads
Alex Santantonio - 9/5/2001 - 0 User Comments - 230.0 kb  
Well, it was bound to happen, my first 2001 WC non DEI non RCR car. Hope you like. Maybe I am working towards a full set.
N4 - 2001 - Steve Park - #1 Pennzoil - 1_01_s_park_nasnet.cup.zip 2224 downloads
Alex Santantonio - 8/27/2001 - 0 User Comments - 257.9 kb  
This is the final regular season 2001 DEI car that I have to do. It was pretty difficult due to the blend area and took a lot of restrarting NASCAR to paint it almost right. I got it as close as I could, I think it turned out pretty well. This reflects the later season roof number that Steve has been running. It is much larger than the original number, stretching from edge to edge of the yellow on the roof.
N4 - 1997 - Darrell Waltrip - #17 Parts America Chrome - 17_97_d_waltrip_chrome_nasnet.cup.zip 3194 downloads
Alex Santantonio - 8/27/2001 - 0 User Comments - 392.2 kb  
This is the car that DW proudly drove in the 1997 Winston as well as several other select races throughout the year. This was probably Darrell's favorite car as he always seemed to love the flashy chrome. I will do the rest of the cars in this set of 6 over the next few weeks.
N4 - 1997 - Darrell Waltrip - #17 Parts America - 17_97_d_waltrip_nasnet.cup.zip 3061 downloads
Alex Santantonio - 8/24/2001 - 0 User Comments - 266.8 kb  
This is the #17 Parts America Chevrolet that DW Drove in his final year with his long time sponsor Parts America. During this season he ran many different schemes to commerate his past years racing sponsors, including a chrome car to represent his 25 years. I will be doing more DW cars from this year so watch out for them.
N4 - 2001 - IROC at Daytona set - 01_iroc_daytona_nasnet.zip 5150 downloads
Alex Santantonio - 8/22/2001 - 5 User Comments - 3,278.0 kb  
This is the 3rd installment of my 2001 IROC Series Set and it includes all 12 regular drivers plus an Orange #13 IROC dirver. This race is especially significant since it was Dale's final IROC race. He was driving the Make A Wish car this race and was battle damaged but challenging for the win midway through the event to nearly the tail end. You can grab the tapped up version from here also. I hope you enjoy, and look out for my next version, the Talladega Race #2 and the final 2001 regular set.
N4 - 2001 - Dale Earnhardt - Race 1 IROC - 1-01iroc_1_nasnet.cup.zip 3125 downloads
Alex Santantonio - 8/15/2001 - 4 User Comments - 261.7 kb  
This is the IROC car that Dale drove in Race 1 at Daytona, what would be his final IROC race. He beat it up pretty badly so I decided to add the tape and all. Dale showed why he was one of the best if not the best driver in the world that day, when Cheever pushed him low on the track into turn 1, so low in fact that Dale was onto the appron and then the grass. Dale brought the car back onto the racing surface at speed and regained control without hitting the wall or another car. Dale Jarrett said after the race that "If that had been anyone else they would have wrecked and probably be outside of this race track, but he held that car down." Once the race ended Earnhardt tracked Cheever down and spun him on the backstretch to show him who was boss. The two later made up.
N4 - 2001 - IROC at Michigan Set - 01_iroc_michigan_nasnet.zip 3158 downloads
Alex Santantonio - 8/14/2001 - 4 User Comments - 3,016.9 kb  
This is the second in my installment of 2001 IROC cars. This set it the scheme and number combination run at Michigan for race #3 this year. The Dave Marcis car that he drove while subing for Dale Jarrett is included in this set. I have included a Red #13 IROC car for use by the player.
N4 - 2001 - IROC at INDY Set - 01_iroc_indy_nasnet.zip 5808 downloads
Alex Santantonio - 8/12/2001 - 22 User Comments - 3,446.7 kb  
If you would like to see some more screen shots, they are available here

This is a complete set of all cars run at the 2001 IROC 25th Anniversary, 100th Race, IROC at Indy event. This set is complete with the Jeff Burton "Make a Wish" Car, as well as a Red #13 car driven by myself and a Yellow #12 car driven by "Player" which can be you. I am considering taking requests for alternate player cars for the first 10 people who download the set and then leave a comment about the set. In the comment you may request either the Gold, Green, or Yellow car with any name you would like. I will take the first 10 people who would like this, as a thanks for being the first to download.

N4 - 2001 - Kevin Harvick - #29 AOL w/ yellow back - 29_winston_a_01_nasnet.cup.zip 2540 downloads
Alex Santantonio - 7/30/2001 - 0 User Comments - 275.1 kb  
This is the car that Kevin started the 2001 Winston with but this car's day ended before the exit of turn 2, when the rain started to fall and the track was still wet. This car was retired early but they brough the backup out to finish the even tafter the long red flag.
ENDitALL - enditall.exe 8645 downloads
APTIVA - 7/27/2001 - 3 User Comments - 423.8 kb  
I saw a few requests for this on the message board so I decided to post it here. This utility allows you to shut down all unused programs that are running in the background, except required ones like Explorer and SysTray. In some cases is enhances playability, especially in network gaming situations where system resources are crucial. It runs under windows 9x and nt/2000, not sure about Me right now, give it a shot.
N4 - 2001 - Michael Waltrip- #15 Napa Parts Online - 15_01_m_waltrip_nasnet.cup.zip 2438 downloads
Alex Santantonio - 7/22/2001 - 2 User Comments - 277.8 kb  
I have been surfing around for a little while and have not seen an updated no SE M. Waltrip car, so I figured it was my duty as a DEI fan to paint it up for everyone. Hope you like.
N4 - 2001 - Kerry Earnhardt - #2 Kannapolis Intimidators - 2_01_k_earnhardt_nasnet.cup.zip 2716 downloads
Alex Santantonio - 7/18/2001 - 1 User Comments - 279.0 kb  
This year, shortly after his father's death, Kerry Earnhardt took the track in a car sponosred by the baseball team that took on the name and logo resembling his late father. Dale Earnhardt had recently become a part owner of the Kannapolis Intimidators, and as a tribute to his support, they sponosored the DEI ARCA car that Kerry was to drive this season. I hope you like it.
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