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Checker_MC - 2/22/2006  



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Thanks to all you guys who sent me PM's and e-mails to my birthday 2 days ago. Love you guys!
Toyota in Nextel Cup in 2007
lisa48 - 1/24/2006  



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To preview two of the upcoming Toyota commercials, just go to the website below and stop by there on the 25th for 2007 team announcements.


It's only a year away: Toyota's entry into the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series. And toyota.com/pitpass is your ticket to all the inside information. Come back on January 25th when we reveal some of the teams that will race for the Cup!
Happy 10th Birthday to The Pits release of GN 1970 Mod
CC#48 - 11/19/2005  

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The Pits 10th Birthday brings us the long awaited GN 1970 mod for Nascar racing 2003..Thanks goes out to all who have created this Awesome add on for the this great sim...Congratulation guys on your 10th Birthday!... http://thepits.us/board/viewtopic.php?t=2710
Grand National 1970 templates posted...
CC#48 - 11/15/2005  


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The long awaited GN 1970 Mod is almost here...Templates are now posted at The Pits. http://thepits.us/board/viewtopic.php?t=2672
rFactor is now officially available.
Randy G - 8/31/2005  

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rFactor layered templates now available.
Randy G - 8/3/2005  

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There are a total of six templates available at this link. They are in .psd format, however I could not open them with Paint Shop Pro 7. I had to use the PSP9 demo to open and re-save them in PSP7 format (no idea if PSP8 will open them). There are two separate car viewers available (for the Howston and the trainer), check the Race Sim Central forums for more info on them.
Free Greg Biffle hero card.
Randy G - 5/24/2005  


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For those of you who like to collect NASCAR stuff, here's a link to it.
1997 Winston Cup car set--Now at Masgrafx
iam27paul - 5/11/2005  

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Just posted at masgrafx, it's the 1997 car set by gnikrelyt and me. lots of hard work went into this set over the past year. so go grab a copy and make our effort worthwhile!
Get it HERE
NR2003 is $85.00 at Amazon.com
lisa48 - 4/19/2005  

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Whoa!! That is amazing! Now I'm wishing I had invested $300, when they were $15.99 at Wal-Mart and waited a year. NR2003 is going for $85.00 at Amazon but if you want to get it cheap, go to eBay and you'll only shell out about $60.00.

You think NASCAR Sim Racing will go for $85 in 2 years? Probably not but you never know. Anyway, I'm really hoping that Sierra and (what's left of) Papyrus are listening to their customers and watching the forums and boards. No video game in history is doing what NR2003 is doing right now. It is still BEST NASCAR sim game on the market and ever created (and it's over 2 years old). Just think what NR2005 would have been like if they hadn't defunct the series. Bummer huh.
Thanks guys!
Checker_MC - 2/22/2005  

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I wanna thank all the guys who wrote me some emails or PMs to my birtday yesterday. I appreciate that very much. This is really some community...
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