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---The Car Painting Policy Here @ NNRacing---
Blueclipse28 - 12/9/2008  

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It's is very simple. We all know what it is but some of us have trouble understanding it or do it because there is no place here that says not to. Here it is in writing, plain and short. You are not allowed too post other peoples "Cars" ,even if u change the slightest thing like a "signature" or have "Permission". It is not your car, you did not make it, do not upload it. It will be removed no questions asked! Same goes for taking a car or truck base and putting it on a different car or truck body it was designed for. Just because you took a nationwide base and put it on a truck DOES NOT make you the author for credits. If you paint cars and upload them to this site, you will give the credit due to the people who's work you have borrowed. If you make a base you can say you made it but if you use someone else's work, ie. numbers, base, contigs, anything that you did not make, please give credit to the proper people in your upload. If you do not understand this, look at some other uploads to see how credit is given. The first time we ask you to give credit on an upload will be a "friendly reminder". The second time will be a warning and the third time being asked to include your credits will result in a permanent deletion of your account and we can ban by ip, so you won't be able to just create another account. In the near future, if we are still having the same problem, we will get rid of the "friendly reminder" and start with the warning, but i do not think we will have the problem anymore so i will update on that more if we are still having the problem. Thanks for you understanding and cooperation. Sorry to sound harsh and a revised version of this "Upload Policy" will be out soon. Happy Holiday to all, from everyone here at NNRacing.com Feel free to message me with any questions.
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