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N4 - 2001 - IROC at INDY Set
Alex Santantonio - 8/12/2001 - 3,446.7 kb - 5824 User Downloads  
Posted By: Alex Santantonio  
If you would like to see some more screen shots, they are available here

This is a complete set of all cars run at the 2001 IROC 25th Anniversary, 100th Race, IROC at Indy event. This set is complete with the Jeff Burton "Make a Wish" Car, as well as a Red #13 car driven by myself and a Yellow #12 car driven by "Player" which can be you. I am considering taking requests for alternate player cars for the first 10 people who download the set and then leave a comment about the set. In the comment you may request either the Gold, Green, or Yellow car with any name you would like. I will take the first 10 people who would like this, as a thanks for being the first to download.

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User Comments:
Posted By: Mafra  
Awesome IROC carset. Can't find a better one anywhere, this is the best. Do you have a template of these cars? Can you send it to me? If not, no problem :). Thanks. losstarot@globo.com
Posted By: RockRai26  
These cars are awesome! Did you make these from a template or did you draw these freehand? They are so good they look like a template! Anyway, I know that you are not making anymore personalized cars but do you think you could do one if you can? I would really like a dark green(you know the color Earnhardt drove at Daytona this year) #13 with the name EARNEST. my e-mail is RockRai26@yahoo.com . If you can't do it I understand. I just joined so it's just my loss i guess but these cars are still awesome. Thanks for making this awesome site. PEACE Chuck
Posted By: jgcar  
The cars look great. I have 1 problem tho the cars wreck alot at other tracks. How can i fix it?
Posted By: stkgc  
the cars look great
Posted By: N1OQL  
I have just downloaded the N4-2001-IROC @ Indy file. I have yet to try it out but I am sure it will be just as exciting as the Winston Cup Stock Cars.
Posted By: Mayberry4life  
I loved the cars, they look great, I am a new member to the site and I know you said for the fist ten comments you would paint up a car for them but if you are still by chance doing them, I would love to have a car with Mayberry JR or just mayberry on the side, the color doesnt matter, you could send it to stanmayberry@hotmail.com I love the site, its great
Posted By: Alex Santantonio  
Thank you all for the comments, even though I did kinda need to bribe you for them ;-) I will be working on the requested cars over the next few days and will post a new item up when they are done along with links on the IROC page. So everyone can get them, not just those that requested them. I have my 10 so the paint shop is closed. Hope everyone likes the set.
Posted By: Bando13  
These IROC cars look great!!! I can't wait to race them. By the way, I think a black and white 13 car with Mayo on the side would be awsome!
Posted By: SuperKletus  
Those cars are so totally awesome! i can't wait to race them. definitely the best work i've seen yet. can i please have a gold one with SuperKletus on the side? thank you. keep up the good work!!!
Posted By: JOSH1804  
hey alex i had gotten the original and just got the update if u dont mind could u do a green one with JOSH1804 on it and make a gold on for my dad with the name GMACplease he likes nascar 4 and so do i
Posted By: Vertigo  
Hey...nice work on the set. Definitely one of the best all time IMO. I have no idea if uve gotten 10 requests yet, but if not a Gold "Johanson" would be great. If not dont worry about it. Just happy to have the normal set. Take care Vert ps. sorry about the reposts...im just a moron..lol
Posted By: LittleEBGN9899SC  
Iam really impressed with the high amount of detail you've added to this set. I'd like a Green car. And you can put RAND on it. Thank's for doing this for us. "Brian Rand"
Posted By: HOSS138  
Hey Alex, I just signed up with Nascarnet.I have a few IROC sets And yours looks great.If you do the cars for us I would like the yellow car wiht HOLSTED on it. Thanks HOSS138
Posted By: dirtygoat34  
Hey man. These cars look great. Do you have a template for these? I would love a green car with Dirtygoat34 on the side. You can send it to dirtygoat@collegeclub.com. Thanks.
Posted By: Bill94  
The IROC is the best I have seen. You did a great job on them. If decide to paint the cars, Can you please do a gold one for me. You can put "Bill94" on it.My e-mail is "djb@princeton.edu". Thanks
Posted By: Biggen33  
Set looks great, one of the best iroc sets I have seen. www.bigracing.rr.nu www.bigracing4.rr.nu www.bigracingleafue.com
Posted By: predmore13  
This is a great set. I've been waiting for a IROC set to come out for NASCAR 4. Did a awesome job putting this set togother. If you can make a green car with the name Predmore on it that would be great. thanks.
Posted By: cptmcnair  
I really enjoy finding IROC sets since it's easier on the computer to race less than 15 cars.<g> Your set is GREAT! I look forward to you painting more. If you have time, I'd love a gold car with McNair on it. Keep up the great work.
Posted By: ben harper  
just joined nascarnet just got the iroc downloads they are sweet man, thanks alot can't wait to race them.
Posted By: ojibwa bear  
just grabbed it a minute ago, will try them tomorrow. great job and glad to hear the news about your site. ojibwa bear
Posted By: gargoyle  
Alex, The cars look awesome. I can hardly wait for the download to finish so I can race them on my favorite track! I'll be there in September again for the F1 race. Would love a yellow car with the name Sarra on it or my nickname Gargoyle! Thanks again! Dean Sarra
Posted By: Jim 18  
look really nice, getting them right now. Jim's NASCAR Zone http://www.nascar.n3.net JNZ's Bobby Labonte Page http://jnz.fsn.net/JNZ_BL/a_amain.html
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