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N4 - 2001 - Dale Earnhardt - Race 1 IROC
Alex Santantonio - 8/15/2001 - 261.7 kb - 3141 User Downloads  
Posted By: Alex Santantonio  
This is the IROC car that Dale drove in Race 1 at Daytona, what would be his final IROC race. He beat it up pretty badly so I decided to add the tape and all. Dale showed why he was one of the best if not the best driver in the world that day, when Cheever pushed him low on the track into turn 1, so low in fact that Dale was onto the appron and then the grass. Dale brought the car back onto the racing surface at speed and regained control without hitting the wall or another car. Dale Jarrett said after the race that "If that had been anyone else they would have wrecked and probably be outside of this race track, but he held that car down." Once the race ended Earnhardt tracked Cheever down and spun him on the backstretch to show him who was boss. The two later made up.
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User Comments:
Posted By: Stockcar  
Wow! Who would have ever thought somebody would make this? I will never forget that race because it was typical Earnhardt at Daytona driving a car like no other. The tape up job looks great!
Posted By: DHdraft3  
My computer downloads them just fine I can't get them in the game. Can someone help me my email is Dhdraft3@aol.com
Posted By: LittleEBGN9899SC  
Really great car. it's a very fitting tribute.
Posted By: 88champ  
I think this is a really cool idea! Great job!!
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