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N2002 2003 IROC Set
Moorewc278 - 2/24/2003 - 5,382.4 kb - 4119 User Downloads  
Posted By: Alex Santantonio  
Thanks to Moorewc278 for this wonderful complete set of 2003 IROC cars. temp is from RDD
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User Comments:
Posted By: Shampy88  
Ive tried like three times to get these into NR2002, am i doing something wrong? im putting the cars under the series then cars folder. i need some help!
Posted By: parts17  
how do i get this on my game
Posted By: larryknowles  
Cool set of iroc cars for the 2002 I am satisfied with them Thank You Larry Knowles If you know anyone that has a complete set of Days of Thunder cars for NR2002 I would appreciate it larryksr2001@yahoo.com
Posted By: chank_692002  
dont mean to be a jerk but these arent 2003 IROC cars and also its only .tga files
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