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NR2002 patch
Papyrus - 6/4/2002 - 4,066.9 kb - 5274 User Downloads  
Posted By: Alex Santantonio  
This patch fixes

* Fixed a problem introduced in the patch that caused the AI to lose traction and crash excessively (the hairpin at Sears Point was most noticeably affected).

* Fixed a cheat which could allow for a client's car to become invulnerable in multiplayer races.
* Removed the "..." admin command due to security concerns.

* Improved the previous Direct3D menu lockup fix for NVidia Detonator 23.11 and later drivers so as to not cause the framerate hit some users experienced in the patch.

* Fixed a texture problem at Texas.

The patched version of NASCAR® Racing 2002 Season is not multiplayer compatible with previously released versions. As a client you will only be able to see and join patched servers, and similarly as a host only patched clients will be able to see and join your server.

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User Comments:
Posted By: DIRT Driver  
Might want to upload the file again. I got an error when trying to open it. Exact error is as follows: COuld not initialize installation. File size expected=4164532, size returned=4164533. The parameter is incorrect. Tried deleting and redownloading and did same thing. Had to go to papy.com to get the file.
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