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Jet The Hawk
Username: Jet The Hawk
First Name: Jack Last Name: Stroski
E-mail: jetthehawk54@yahoo.com
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#19 Evernham Motorsports Dodge Dart BR12 - BR12_19_EMproto.cup.rar 915 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 11/30/2012 - 4 User Comments - 4,177.7 kb  
Along with the #43 I previously posted, here is another 2013 preview paint. I plan on painting various Dodge cars in order to fill out of the field for Mopar fans to enjoy. I decided to use the Dodge Dart template since the 2013 isn't possible to recreate on the old body. I kinda like it more anyway lol. Base - me. Numbers - Masgrafx. Logos - me, google
#43 Jack Stroski "1969" Ford Fusion BR12 - BR12_43_69proto.cup.rar 806 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 11/25/2012 - 0 User Comments - 3,428.8 kb  
For those always asking me to paint for BR12 you got your wish lol. I'll do my 2013 previews paints for this mod until an official mod for next year comes out with the proper car shapes. Anyway, simple scheme...replicated Petty's 1969 Ford Torino scheme onto the new Fusion (not far from an Aric Almirola fictional too). Only things altered was the addition of Ecoboost logos and Petty Garage logos on the rear amongst other modern updates. Numbers - masgrafx. Logos - me, google. Thanks Italo Repacci for the new template! Modified by me.
#37 Panty and Stocking Ford Mustang - 12_37_pantystoc.gns.rar 752 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 11/20/2012 - 1 User Comments - 6,195.1 kb  
Just a fictional I made for a rebooted Baker-Curb team. I used the anime Panty and Stocking as an inspiration for the (what I think is) unique livery. Base - me. Numbers - Masgrafx. Logos - me, Google
#2 Brad Keselowski Mopar Dodge Charger - 12_2_mopar92.cup.rar 892 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 11/12/2012 - 4 User Comments - 3,434.0 kb  
This Bob Keselowski's ARCA paint scheme on Brad's current Cup car. With Brad's last race for Dodge coming next weekend I figured it would be fitting to create and post this. Base - me. Numbers - Masgrafx. Logos - google, Racin Grafix, me, Masgrafx
#29 Bob Keselowski Winnebago - Mopar Dodge Ram '95 - 95_29_mopar.cts.rar 734 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 11/12/2012 - 0 User Comments - 1,395.3 kb  
Made this quite sometime ago. I think its been two years. This is Keselowski's truck from 1995 that was left absent in the official truck set for that year. Base - me. Numbers - me. Logos - me, Masgrafx, CC48
#40 Dario Franchitti Target Chevrolet Impala - 12_40_target.cup.rar 811 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 11/2/2012 - 3 User Comments - 3,122.0 kb  
Dario drove an inverse colored Target car at Pocono in 2008. I'm sure there were other races but that's the only one I can remember anymore. I decided to bring it back, with modern touches. The associate decals along the rear of the car is similar to what JPM has on his #42, but I used some others that appeared of Dario's Indycar this past season. Numbers - Masgrafx. Base - Alan Hackleroad. Logos - me, Google, Masgrafx, SRD, Mayo
#6 Ricky Stenhouse Crispix Ford Fusion - 12_6_crispix.cup.rar 684 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 10/30/2012 - 1 User Comments - 3,557.9 kb  
Kelloggs, in 2000, released pull n go cars which came in various cereal boxes (11 in all, 9 never-raced) as a promo with Hasbro and Hot Wheels. I may recreate them in their original Terry Labonte style as an extension to that year's carset. But for now, I made the Crispix scheme a Ricky Stenhouse car with some artistic liberties. Base - me. Numbers - Kelloggs. Logos - me
#44, 69 Frank and Will Kimmel 2-pack - 12_4469_thekimmels.rar 753 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 10/28/2012 - 3 User Comments - 6,503.8 kb  
Here are both Kimmel's ARCA cars converted for Cup. The #69 is based on what Will ran at the second Salem race with retro colors, as a tribute to Bill Kimmel Sr. Bases - me. Numbers - me, Masgrafx. Logos - me, SRD, Masgrafx, Kimmel Racing
#94 Chase Elliott McDonald's "Future" Ford Fusion - 12_94_mcdonaldF.cup.rar 712 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 10/27/2012 - 4 User Comments - 2,743.1 kb  
-------I've uploaded many cars recently so don't forget to look in my profile!!!-------- The #94 McDonald's car is a favorite of mine, but its been done many times. I wanted to do something more original with this car, like what I did with the modernized Team Hot Wheels #44. I found a McDonald's Happy Meal toy from about early 2000 that featured a futuristic version of the then-modern Bill Elliott #94. I also used his son Chase as the driver, to further give this car a futuristic feeling. Base - me. Numbers - me. Logos - google, me, SRD
#0 Mike Bliss Netzero Toyota Camry - 12_0_netzero.cup.rar 614 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 10/27/2012 - 1 User Comments - 3,294.4 kb  
Despite being a start and parker, I wanted to paint Mike Bliss' Cup car for Humphrey Smith Racing. Sorta. Except for the associate sponsors, and the fact its on a Toyota like the real car...this is essentially Bliss' Netzero/Best Buy car from 2005. Really wish he could've won the Nextel ,Open that year. Base - me. Numbers - Masgrafx. Logos - me, Mayo, Masgrafx
#18 Kyle Busch Sonic Boom Toyota Camry - 12_18_sonicboom.cup.rar 724 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 10/26/2012 - 0 User Comments - 1,494.4 kb  
Made this sometime ago...about the start of this year, but not until now has it been released. Sonic Boom was held at the (conviently named) San Diego House of Blues as a companion event to the San Deigo Comic Con close by and featured Crush 40, Cash Cash... and the announcement of Sonic being in Wreck it Ralph. Base - me. Numbers - me. Logos - Sega, google, me, Masgrafx
#43 John Andretti Pop Secret Dodge Intrepid '01 - 01_43_popsecret.cup.rar 694 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 10/22/2012 - 1 User Comments - 1,652.5 kb  
Here's a replica of sorts for the expanding 2001 Winston Cup set. John Andretti ran this scheme at the Pop Secret 400 at Rockingham. I used the diecast version of this more for reference and has a deeper shade of blue for the base, and different popcorn graphics but I think it looks better. Base - me. Numbers - masgrafx. Logos - me , Randy G, google. Make sure to check out the Daytona USA '01 Hornet I posted before this!
#41 Andy Pilgrim Daytona USA Chevrolet Monte Carlo '01 - 01_41_hornet.cup.rar 710 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 10/22/2012 - 0 User Comments - 939.9 kb  
This is a realistic replica of the Hornet from the Daytona USA 2001 game that was released on the Dreamcast that year. I wasn't sure what team to put it on because no one had the #41 aside from Foyt for a few races. I decided to make it an RCR car and used Corvette driver Andy Pilgrim. If anything, it makes a nice "user car". Base - me. Numbers - me. Logos - me.
#38 Steven Johnson Jim Beam Honey Ford Fusion - 12_38_jimbeamho.cup.rar 661 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 10/18/2012 - 2 User Comments - 1,510.5 kb  
A Nascar-style replica for Australian Supercar star Steven Johnson, son of legend Dick Johnson. I really liked Steven's JB Honey scheme from this year and wanted to recreate it somewhat. Since his number 17 is taken by Kenseth already I used #38, since that's was his dad ran when he ran a few races in Winston Cup years ago. Base - me. Numbers - masgrafx. Logos - me, google
#43 Jack Stroski Sonic Free Riders "Jet" Ford Fusion - 12_43_freerider.cup.rar 610 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 10/15/2012 - 1 User Comments - 3,756.7 kb  
One of my favorite games. I designed the scheme of the car after Jet's J-Type Extreme Gear from this version of SR. Base - me. Numbers - Masgrafx. Logos - me, Google, Sonic News Network
#42 Carlos Contreras Hot Wheels Dodge Intrepid '01 - 01_42_hotwheels.cup.rar 600 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 10/14/2012 - 0 User Comments - 1,943.0 kb  
This is Carlos' truck series scheme from 2001 converted onto a Cup car. Renumbered as well to #42 since Andretti had #43 in Cup. Base - me lol. Numbers - Masgrafx. Logos - me, Randy G.
#43 Jack Stroski STP Ford Fusions (cont'd) - 12_43_NFLPA99.cup.rar 656 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 10/12/2012 - 3 User Comments - 5,916.3 kb  
---I just uploaded a lot of files previous to this one for the 2000 and 2001 carsets so make sure to take a look at those too!--- More of my personal #43 rides, one is a modernized version of what John Andretti ran in early 2000, the other is the NFL Player's Association scheme ran the year prior in 1999. Bases - me, Randy G. Numbers - Masgrafx. Logos - me, Randy G, google
#60 Joe Bessey NWO Chevrolet Monte Carlo '01 - 2001_60_NWO.cup.rar 609 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 10/12/2012 - 0 User Comments - 983.4 kb  
This a fictional for the 2001 carset based on the rumor that NWO and Tracfone would sponsor the #60 team after Power Team left in 2000. The deal fell through, however, the Bessey's team never ran in Cup afterward. Base - me. Numbers - me. Logos - me, Google
#66 Darrell Waltrip Big Kmart chrome Ford Taurus '00 - 2000_66_chr.cup.rar 656 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 10/12/2012 - 0 User Comments - 392.6 kb  
One of many special schemes DW ran in his farewell tour in 2000. Base - me, Lisa48. Numbers - me. Logos - me
#83 Fred Jones Papyrus Dodge Intrepid '01 - 01_83_papyrus.rar 679 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 10/10/2012 - 7 User Comments - 1,730.9 kb  
Recently reinstalled N4 and forgot how awesome the player car looked. Since there has been so many 2001s being posted for the original Cup mod, I wanted to recreate the #83 to go along with them. There are two versions that come in the download, the "original" version (pictured, like seen in N4) and, for fun, a realistic as if it actually did race in real life (associate sponsors and a real world driver who ran a Dodge back then...in this case Ted Musgrave)
#28 Travis Kvapil Nutzz.com Ford Fusion - 12_28_nutzz.cup.rar 645 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 10/9/2012 - 2 User Comments - 3,049.2 kb  
I painted this all the back in the Cup10 days originally. Finally decided to update it and release it. I wish Yates Racing and the 28 were still around but I needed a livery other than the usual choice of Texaco Havoline for a change. I noticed, ironically, in EA Sports' Nascar Chase for the Cup 2005 Travis Kvapil is listed as driver #28 in a Ford with this paint scheme. 4 years prior to being signed to Yates. It never ran in real life, but with screenshots from the game it'll live on in NR2003. Base - me. Numbers - Masgrafx. Logos - me, Masgrafx, google
#6 Ricky Stenhouse Rice Krispies/Viagra Ford Fusions - 12_6_viagra01.rar 674 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 10/6/2012 - 0 User Comments - 7,016.0 kb  
Here's a two-pack for someone who is becoming my favorite driver in the Nationwide series. The first is the scheme he ran on his Mustang at Daytona earlier this year on a Cup car, the other is Mark Martin's Viagra colors from 2001. Bases - me. Numbers - Masgrafx, Kellogg's website. logos - me, google, Kelloggs
#45 Kyle Petty TNT, Wells Fargo Ford Fusions - 12_45_wellsfargo.rar 697 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 10/4/2012 - 2 User Comments - 8,315.6 kb  
For people who miss seeing Kyle Petty and car #45 on the track. This is a two pack, the first is a fictional TNT scheme (similar to Benny Parson's from Nascar Thunder), the other is the most recent Wells Fargo scheme he ran from 2008. Since RPM has Charter as a sponsor already I listed the TNT car as its own team. Bases - me, SRD. numbers - masgrafx. logos - SRD, masgrafx, me
#29 Kevin Harvick Angry Video Game Nerd Chevrolet Impala - 12_29_AVGN.cup.rar 674 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 10/2/2012 - 2 User Comments - 3,952.0 kb  
I made this a year ago and decided to update it for this current season. I love Cinemassacre and with the AVGN movie in the works as well as another Monster Madness starting up this month I figured to release this now. Base - me. Numbers - turn4. Logos - Cinemassacre, me, Masgrafx.
#4 Ricky Carmichael Monster M-80 Chevrolet Impala - 12_4_monsterM80.cup.rar 646 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 9/30/2012 - 0 User Comments - 4,556.7 kb  
This is a what-if Ricky Carmichael finally made the move to Cup. At the same time I wanted to resurrect the Morgan McClure team. Both were known for being #4 so I combined the two ideas. Also the reason why I picked the Monster M-80 flavor was because of its yellow color, a nod to the classic Kodak #4 cars for years ago. Base - me. Numbers - SRD. Logos - me.
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