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#28 Travis Kvapil Nutzz.com Ford Fusion
Jet The Hawk - 10/9/2012 - 3,049.2 kb - 644 User Downloads  
Posted By: Jet The Hawk  
I painted this all the back in the Cup10 days originally. Finally decided to update it and release it. I wish Yates Racing and the 28 were still around but I needed a livery other than the usual choice of Texaco Havoline for a change. I noticed, ironically, in EA Sports' Nascar Chase for the Cup 2005 Travis Kvapil is listed as driver #28 in a Ford with this paint scheme. 4 years prior to being signed to Yates. It never ran in real life, but with screenshots from the game it'll live on in NR2003. Base - me. Numbers - Masgrafx. Logos - me, Masgrafx, google
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Posted By: PinkFloyd79  
I second that. I hate being my favorite driver when i play a Nascar game, and i saw this car, love at first site, used to draft with Jeff Gordon every chance i got using this car
Posted By: Hendrick4life  
Man this was one of my favorite NT2005 Schemes.
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