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#29 Kevin Harvick Angry Video Game Nerd Chevrolet Impala
Jet The Hawk - 10/2/2012 - 3,952.0 kb - 674 User Downloads  
Posted By: Jet The Hawk  
I made this a year ago and decided to update it for this current season. I love Cinemassacre and with the AVGN movie in the works as well as another Monster Madness starting up this month I figured to release this now. Base - me. Numbers - turn4. Logos - Cinemassacre, me, Masgrafx.
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User Comments:
Posted By: 17kenseth88jrfan  
Cool! I love the Angry Video Game Nerd! He reminds me of myself sometimes, except I ragequit a lot more often. :P
Posted By: Bernd24  
... wooow, amazing, thx !
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