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#94 Chase Elliott McDonald's "Future" Ford Fusion
Jet The Hawk - 10/27/2012 - 2,743.1 kb - 720 User Downloads  
Posted By: Jet The Hawk  
-------I've uploaded many cars recently so don't forget to look in my profile!!!-------- The #94 McDonald's car is a favorite of mine, but its been done many times. I wanted to do something more original with this car, like what I did with the modernized Team Hot Wheels #44. I found a McDonald's Happy Meal toy from about early 2000 that featured a futuristic version of the then-modern Bill Elliott #94. I also used his son Chase as the driver, to further give this car a futuristic feeling. Base - me. Numbers - me. Logos - google, me, SRD
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User Comments:
Posted By: PinkFloyd79  
I have that toy, along with the #44 too... lol.
Posted By: Jet The Hawk  
Even if he didn't know, or couldn't tell the difference, apperently just downloading it and finding out must be too much work lol?
Posted By: Nascar2011  
Dude, how can't you tell which mod this is for? All of his cars are either for Original Cup or Cup12s. And besides, he can say what he wants to when he paints amazing cars like this one.
Posted By: diz2xtreme  
Instead of the stories, how about letting people know what mod your rides are for!
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