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#43 Jack Stroski "1969" Ford Fusion BR12
Jet The Hawk - 11/25/2012 - 3,428.8 kb - 814 User Downloads  
Posted By: Jet The Hawk  
For those always asking me to paint for BR12 you got your wish lol. I'll do my 2013 previews paints for this mod until an official mod for next year comes out with the proper car shapes. Anyway, simple scheme...replicated Petty's 1969 Ford Torino scheme onto the new Fusion (not far from an Aric Almirola fictional too). Only things altered was the addition of Ecoboost logos and Petty Garage logos on the rear amongst other modern updates. Numbers - masgrafx. Logos - me, google. Thanks Italo Repacci for the new template! Modified by me.
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