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Ricky Bobby #26 Wonder Bread 2017MENCup Beta
Philly_T - 8/10/2017 - 1,065.8 kb - 84 User Downloads  
Posted By: Philly_T  
A fun little project I threw together, because no Mod is complete with out the great Ricky Bobby. I'm very pleased with how this car turned out. Credits: Template, Splash N Go; Base, Me; Logos from Google, Number, Me
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Posted By: DaleRocks153  
Nice!! Can you also do Brian Wincrest? (The 86 Mopar Dodge that is seen in some shots in the movie, the charlotte race i believe)
Posted By: Julio Cesar #10  
Awesome car you will make #47 Cal Naughton Jr. Old Spice and #55 Jean Girard Perrier ?
Posted By: Nascar_Games  
Shake and bake!
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