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since 6.4.1996

Username: DaleRocks153
First Name: Wesley Last Name: T
ICQ: Location: New Mexico,Why you wanna know?
Hobbies: Playing NR2002 n stuff Web Page:
uploaded files
1990 Rick Wilson Throwback PWF GNS - 75wilson.gns.car 90 downloads
DaleRocks153 - 6/1/2017 - 6 User Comments - 185.6 kb  
For the Project Wildfire Busch mod.While BRGen15 and CWS15 Retros are popular these days,I've decided to make a Rick Wilson throwback because i was bored. I know the left side number is messed up,forgive me. Number:Made by me Logos:Made by me Base:made by me aswell,i don't feel like putting contigencies on cars i make. I used the NR2003 Detail shop to paint this, Enjoy!
NR2002 NFL Carset - nfl.zip 147 downloads
DaleRocks153 - 3/3/2017 - 4 User Comments - 2,364.9 kb  
At this point i'm desperate to revive NR2002. Credits go to junebugrocks88 for numbers and google images for logos. Again please don't bash me i spent 4 days on this carset.
2017 #96 D.J. Kennington NR2002 - djkennington.zip 139 downloads
DaleRocks153 - 3/2/2017 - 5 User Comments - 104.7 kb  
A car i made, Please don't bash me because it looks bad, Tried my best. Credits go to google for nearly everything. This might be apart of a future carset. Yes i'm still an nr2002 user, I'm a newbie car painter.
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