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Cole Whitt 72 Bad Boy Mowers MENCUP 2017 Beta - 72_CW.cup.car 107 downloads
Philly_T - 7/16/2017 - 1 User Comments - 1,569.6 kb  
Been away from NR2003 lately, got on this sight the other day and discovered the MENCup 2017 mod is now to Beta thanks to Splash N Go Graphics, I've started converting bases I had made from the old Alpha of this mod to work with the new template of this beta, just finished my first conversion the #72 Bad Boy Mowers chevy driven by Cole Whitt. Credits: Template from Splash N Go, Logos from google and myself, Numbers from BigEvil
88 Dale Jr 600 Starts Axalta/ServiceKing - 88_d_jr_600.cup.car 233 downloads
Philly_T - 4/8/2017 - 2 User Comments - 2,432.7 kb  
Dale Jr.'s car from Phoenix celebrating his 600th start for the BR15 mod, Base by me, numbers and logos from google, template BER
33 Bandit Chippers Fictional - 33 Bandit Chippers.zip 340 downloads
Philly_T - 5/14/2015 - 1 User Comments - 1,361.8 kb  
One of my personal rides for my 2015 season, ran in the Coca-Cola 600 to a win, based on the 01 Bandit Chippers Truck that ran a few years back, this file also includes a tga file, with out driver signatures or windshield text if you wanna use it for your own, Credits: Template/Number; BER, Base; me, Logos; Muddslide18/Google
54 Erik Jones Fictional - 54_e_jones.tga 339 downloads
Philly_T - 5/6/2015 - 3 User Comments - 592.4 kb  
Credits: Template Bullring/BER, Base and numbers by me, logos from google TGA file
No. 32 #ByrnesStrong nxs15 fictional - 32_SPB.gns.car 296 downloads
Philly_T - 4/25/2015 - 3 User Comments - 595.0 kb  
Here's my tribute to Steve Byrnes, he will be missed. Credits Templates: nxs15.com, Number: BER, Logos: Google and I, Base: me
2015 62 Brendan Gaughan Kodak fic - 62_b_gaughan_2015.cup.car 370 downloads
Philly_T - 4/14/2015 - 2 User Comments - 1,624.6 kb  
Just something I threw together for fun, didn't realize I wouldn't be able to find a good pic of the hood logo, so made it from scratch using a pic of the diecast I found on ebay. Hope you enjoy. Credits :Template and numbers from BER, Logos from google and myself, base by me, includes crew
Ty Dillon 3 Pack - Ty Dillon 3 Pack.7z 386 downloads
Philly_T - 4/13/2015 - 2 User Comments - 1,599.2 kb  
Been a while since I've painted, computer crashed, but up and going again decided to shake off the rust by making Ty Dillon's Yungling America's Oldest Brewery #33 for Daytona later this year, Liked how the base turned out, so made a set Including a xfinity ride and a truck, hope you enjoy. Credits: Templates and numbers from BER, Base by me, and logos from google, Also includes a custom pit crew
#88 Nationwide Chevy SS Gen 6 - 88_d_earnhardtJr_nwide.cup.car 554 downloads
Philly_T - 9/4/2014 - 2 User Comments - 643.2 kb  
Here's the Nationwide car Dale Jr will be driving at Richmond and in 2015. Credits: Template BER, base and numbers by me, logos from google, hope you enjoy
Ty Dillon 2014 Atlanta SS - 33_tdillon_atl.cup.car 510 downloads
Philly_T - 9/2/2014 - 0 User Comments - 554.7 kb  
Here's the car driven by Ty Dillon at Atlanta in his sprint cup debut Credits, BER for the template, logos and numbers from google, base by me
#66 Blue Def 2014 Camry - 66_m_waltrip_2014.cup.car 547 downloads
Philly_T - 2/17/2014 - 3 User Comments - 1,729.5 kb  
By request here's the Blue Def Camry Michael will be running in the 500. Credits: Base, numbers, and Blue Def logo by me, template BER, rest of the logo's from google. Enjoy
#18 m&m's Peanuts 2014 - 18_k_busch_2014_a.cup.car 513 downloads
Philly_T - 2/15/2014 - 8 User Comments - 919.9 kb  
Kyle's car that he's racing at Daytona this season it's 1 in a 100 (couldn't resist making the bad pun) went on quite the scavenger hunt to try and find all the logos to make this car. Credits: Base by me, Logos from Google, Template from BER, Masgrafx numbers, Crew the Bull Ring. Hope you enjoy!
#99 UPS 2014 Fusion - 99_c_edwards_2014.cup.car 362 downloads
Philly_T - 2/15/2014 - 5 User Comments - 1,289.8 kb  
Carl's UPS Fusion to be ran later this season by request of Macattack25, hope everyone enjoys! Credits: Base by me, Logos and number from Google, Template from BER, Crew the Bull Ring
2014 Kelley Blue Book #88 Chevy SS Gen 6 - 88_d_earnhardtJr_2014_b.cup.car 479 downloads
Philly_T - 2/14/2014 - 6 User Comments - 1,354.1 kb  
I give to you the #88 Kelley Blue Book SS to be driven by Jr at this years Sonoma race. Love this car had to make it, Stoked for the 2014 season to be kicking off! Credits: Base and Numbers by me, Logos from Google, Template from BER, Crew the Bull Ring
2014 #15 AAA Mid-Atlantic Camry Gen 6 - 15_c_bowyer_2014_a.cup.car 371 downloads
Philly_T - 2/13/2014 - 3 User Comments - 659.2 kb  
Credits: Base by me, Logos and number from Google, Template from BER
#47 Bush's Beans 2014 Gen6 SS - 47_a_dinger_2014_a.cup.car 526 downloads
Philly_T - 2/11/2014 - 4 User Comments - 760.2 kb  
Aj Allmendinger's Bush's Baked Beans #47 Chevy SS for the 2014 season Credits: Base by me, Logos and number from Google, Template from BER
#49 Traxxas Fictional - 49_t_philbrick_2014.cup.car 327 downloads
Philly_T - 2/7/2014 - 0 User Comments - 565.3 kb  
One of my personal rides for the upcoming 2014 season, really happy with the way this turned out. With out further adue for your viewing enjoyment my #49 Traxxas Chevy SS. Credits :Template by Italo Rapacci, base by me, numbers me, logos from google
#29 Budweiser/Rheem v3 2048 - 29_k_harvick_all_star_2048.cup.car 306 downloads
Philly_T - 5/19/2013 - 0 User Comments - 1,323.6 kb  
Okay, so this is the last update to the #29 Budweiser/Rheem Chevy SS from the All Star Race. includes the crew that came with the mod. Painted from scratch using a 2048 template from Italo Rapacci. Logos and numbers from Google, base by me.
2013 Sprint All-Star 4 pack- 29, 34, 48, 78 - 2013_Sprint_All_Star.rar 638 downloads
Philly_T - 5/17/2013 - 0 User Comments - 3,038.0 kb  
4 cars from the 2013 Sprint All-Star event, includes an update to my #29 Budweiser/Rheem, #34 CSX Play it Safe, #48 Lowe's Patriotic, and #78 Furniture Row/Armed Forces Day. All include the pit crews that came with the mod, bases by me, logos from google, numbers from google and masgrafx. hope you enjoy
2013 Kevin Harvick Budweiser/Rheem Sprint All-Star - 29_all star.tga 388 downloads
Philly_T - 5/15/2013 - 0 User Comments - 562.1 kb  
I bring you the #29 Budweiser Rheem Chevy that will be driven by Kevin at this years Sprint All-Star race, credits: Base by me, logos and number from google, template from The BullRing. Hope you enjoy
Kevin Harvick 2014 #4 Fictional - 4Budweiser.tga 341 downloads
Philly_T - 5/2/2013 - 0 User Comments - 580.6 kb  
Just what I think would be cool for Harvick's car next year, kinda a throw back to his rookie scheme, credits: Number Masgrafx, logos from google and SHR racing, template TheBullRing
Gen6BR #42 Depend SS - 42depend.tga 530 downloads
Philly_T - 4/27/2013 - 2 User Comments - 488.2 kb  
The Car Juan Pablo Montoya will be driving at Richmond, #42 Depend Chevy SS, Credits, Base me, logos from google and Earnhardt Ganassi website, number MasGrafx
Chase Elliott #94 Gen6BR (fic) - ce94aarons.tga 434 downloads
Philly_T - 4/15/2013 - 4 User Comments - 673.5 kb  
Fictional #94 Chase Elliott Aaron's Chevy SS for the Gen6BR mod. Number and logos found on google, base by me, template from TheBullRing
Austin Dillon 2013 SS Gen6Br Texas - ad51texas.tga 574 downloads
Philly_T - 4/10/2013 - 5 User Comments - 564.9 kb  
The #51 Chevy SS that Austin Dillon will be driving for Phoenix Racing at texas. Logs and number from google, base by me, template from TheBullring.
Gen6 48 Tampax Fictional - 48Tampax.tga 318 downloads
Philly_T - 4/1/2013 - 1 User Comments - 557.5 kb  
Just a fictional I made, Jimmie Johnson #48 Tampax chevy Credits: Base by myself, template from the Bullring, logos found on google, and number from MasGrafx
Kevin Harvick 2013 Br12 - 29_2013_budweis.cup.car 480 downloads
Philly_T - 1/3/2013 - 2 User Comments - 374.8 kb  
Credits Template SRD, Logo's from google, Numbers Masgrafx, and base by myself, No crew for now just the car thanks to Blueclipse28 for the render
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