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since 6.4.1996

Username: Nascar_Games
First Name: T.J. Last Name: Eklund
ICQ: Location: Anonymous
Hobbies: Breaking records for most comments on my nnracing uploads :D Web Page:
uploaded files
#34 Michigan (.tga) - 34michigancar.zip 35 downloads
Nascar_Games - 6/18/2017 - 31 User Comments - 930.4 kb  
Credit rah for base/google for numbers (NOTE: I AM NOT READING YOUR COMMENTS SO BASH ME ALL YOU WANT) I saw a unsponsored 34 car, thought id try to make it. I have just started using gimp so my cars will start to have more stripes and things.
Glitch Crash at Talladega - Glitch Crash.rpy 56 downloads
Nascar_Games - 6/10/2017 - 5 User Comments - 1,089.2 kb  
Cole Whitt Standard - 2017 Cole Whitt standard.bmp 85 downloads
Nascar_Games - 5/11/2017 - 6 User Comments - 683.1 kb  
Credit: BER for number, Bill1947 for MENCS base, google for logo/MENCS logo
Reed Sorenson Hurrahs Fictional - SorensonKansasTga.tga 62 downloads
Nascar_Games - 5/10/2017 - 8 User Comments - 162.2 kb  
Credits: Stunod for car base, Google for decals + numbers. Disclamer: This has NOTHING to do with roblox! This is my idea of what Reed Sorenson will drive at kansas. This is a fictional paint scheme.
Late Model V2 #10 - IMG_0255.PNG 65 downloads
Nascar_Games - 4/11/2017 - 6 User Comments - 134.3 kb  
Credit to racingrafix for the base and Schelp82 (who got them from google) for the rest of the logos. I made this for myself but I decided to upload them.
Brendan Gaughan Unsponsored - IMG_0247.JPG 77 downloads
Nascar_Games - 4/7/2017 - 2 User Comments - 62.0 kb  
Credits: Team SBR for the original template (Btw I don't read comments, just saying)
#88 Nationwide 88 (.tga) - 2017_88_2.tga 120 downloads
Nascar_Games - 3/9/2017 - 11 User Comments - 315.3 kb  
Something I made for my roblox game. (orignal template by Barclays86412 and google for the rest)
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