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11-Matt Tifft- NASCAR Heat Evolution (CWS15, Charlotte) - Nascar2011
2016 Carl Edwards / Arris Surfboard - KFurtick
#1 McDonald's/Cessna '16 500 *Ratings* - Blueclipse28
N2003 BR15Gen6 #49 Ameritron Batteries Retro Stanley Smith - Robo
Automobilista SST CarPack - Steveracing7151
#32 Jacques Villeneuve 2008 Napa 200 Montreal
#33 Nationwide DW12 Indycar
#43 Aric Almirola U.S. Air Force BR15 Fictional
BRGen6 Jegs Fictional Base
2002 #22 Ward Burton -- CAT Dealers (originalcup)
2016 Allmendinger Kansas Dillon's Chevy BR15 Gen6
Fictional #22 Starlight Glimmer Request
2016 #42 Glad to Give Chevy BR15 Gen6
#21 Medion Chevy Fictional (Reupload)
#77 Jasper Ford Fusion - Ryan Blaney Team Penske Fic
#98 Cole Whitt Tweaker Casey's 2016
Gen6BR15 Retro #16 Jean-Denis Deletraz Pacific Racing Ford
Jennerstown 2015 (night)
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2016 #42 Glad to Give Chevy BR15 Gen6
2016 #38 Landon Cassill MDS Fusion BR15 Gen6
11-Matt Tifft- NASCAR Heat Evolution (CWS15, Charlotte)
2016 Carl Edwards / Arris Surfboard
2016 Allmendinger Kansas Dillon's Chevy BR15 Gen6

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Correct Upload Catogories
WoofGM - 11/3/2015
There has been many files posted in the past and more so recently that are not being put into the correct category when user are uploading files to the site. Example - Car files are not "ALL" they go into the "Cars" category. Also many are forgetting to put the Year & Car Number as well. Many complaints have been posted at a few sites and pm's have been received as to why when searching the site for files, people can not find them. Putting them into the wrong category creates this issue. If anyone has any question about this, feel free to pm me for assistance.
WoofGM - 7/14/2015
Rather simple guys. After posting with credits, some members fail to do so the following times. Nothing new, as we do not catch every file all the time. Common courtesy is to give credit for anything you did not make. Sometimes, this is all the recognition the Original Authors ever get. Mod,Base,Template,Logos,Render Scene have been pretty much standard items to use when posting credits for many years. Also keep a reminder - if you did not paint it, you can not post it.We cannot catch all of the ones posted in prior years. When they are found, they will be removed. So there is no need to ask "Why is Member - XXXX have some posted and I can't" -OR- "He gave me permission" Site policy is SITE POLICY.
2014 Update #1
Blueclipse28 - 2/20/2014
!!!!!DO NOT COME TO NNRACING AND START A NEGATIVE POST ABOUT OTHER WEBSITES IN THE FORUM!!!!! Those who do will have thier access to the site removed !
!!!!!!!!!!! Forum Relativity !!!!!!!!!!
Blueclipse28 - 6/26/2009
This has been something that we have always tried to maintain and is always hard for us to squash all the problems, the right way, without upsetting people. Unfortunately, people are not always going to agree on the same thing. Deliberation on this site is a great freedom we have in the forums. This is a racing site and i am making that clear, once again. Topics that are entered into the forum, from this day forward, will only be race related topics. That is what the forum is intended for and because other sites may be more lenient, they have that right.... click here for story
recently uploaded files
11-Matt Tifft- NASCAR Heat Evolution (CWS15, Charlotte)
Nascar2011 - 5/27/2016
Credits- Om3Ga,Me, BER, SRD, Alan Harkleroad, Nick Baker, DMR, NNRacing
2016 Carl Edwards / Arris Surfboard
KFurtick - 5/22/2016
The #19 Arris Surfboard Camry that Carl Edwards drove during the 2016 Sprint All-Star race. This is for the BR15 mod. Credits: Temp/SRD Numbers/BER Logos/Google/By Me Base/By Me Scene/Modified Iceman Scene
#1 McDonald's/Cessna '16 500 *Ratings*
Blueclipse28 - 5/17/2016
Here is my version of the #1 McDonald's/Cessna Chevy driven by Jamie McMurray during the 2016 Daytona 500. Thanks to BER for the template and to BER for the numbers. Base is by NDG or SDG (can't remember); Logos from google. Contigs- Alan Harkleroad. Link to other images of the car;

https://onedrive.live.com/redir? resid=A56239AE3946DFB1!33821&authkey=!AOxyCfTrNqSa4J0&ithint=f older%2c.... check out the file.
N2003 BR15Gen6 #49 Ameritron Batteries Retro Stanley Smith
Robo - 5/7/2016
I love the throwbacks that AlfieJay, Hokiegrad, and 11rowsof3 have been doing. I have done a couple of retro cars in the past. The Ameritron Batteries car that Stanley Smith drove in the 90's was always one of my favorite cars. I think this particular scheme was 93 or 94. The ameritron logos are off google, the Kresto Hand Cleaner logo is from me, other logos from google as well. BER for the template and contingencies.... check out the file.
Automobilista SST CarPack
Steveracing7151 - 3/30/2016
Here is a mix of cars, that I have done for the SST mod in Automobilista. Rusty Wallace #2 Jimmy John's X-Games, Robby Gordon #7 Menards,Arie Luyendyk Jr #25 Quicken Loans, & Burt Jenner #50 Speed Energy Base: Me, Logos: Google,BER,SRD,John Gamboa, Ryan Williams
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