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Atlanta 2017 track update
RenaultFan - 6/11/2017 - 0.3 kb - 935 User Downloads  
Posted By: RenaultFan  
Atlanta updated to 2017 event. Credits to Revamped ReLoaded, JRock for many updates, SimRacingDesigns and Google for logos, and most important RACERXERO84 for track.ini update.
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User Comments:
Posted By: DaleRocks153  
ublock Origin is the best way to get over your fear of virus, Then again it disables nnr downloads as well. so hit temporarily or permanently.
Posted By: 11rowsof3  
Finally got a chance to run this last night, great work again RenaultFan - it looks great. I need to get a setup as I was wreckin' loose! :)
Posted By: Blascular  
Posted By: 11rowsof3  
Great updates, thank you RenaultFan!!!
Posted By: scnrfrq  
I finally got the file OK.
Posted By: TruckSeries  
Mediafire always opens random popups, sometimes even with Adblock installed. Just let it download and close the tabs, they're just ads.
Posted By: scnrfrq  
Adblock Plus is installed.
Posted By: tenderman65  
It's 2017, use adblock already.
Posted By: scnrfrq  
Got to mediafire ok. When I clicked the download link I got about 5 popups with audio about my pc being infected, you must call them, they'll disable your pc if you turn it off, etc. Scanned for viruses and malware, and all is ok so far. Any other way to get this Atlanta file?
Posted By: user_x  
Downloaded just now and worked fine. Not sure how a link to Mediafire gives someone a virus...
Posted By: scnrfrq  
Beware! This link caused all kinds of virus messages with audio on my PC. Similar to ransomware. I'm scanning now for viruses.
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