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Texas Motor Speedway
Welcome to the land of the cookie cutters. D ovals are great for attendance due to the excellent sight lines around the track, the fast speeds, and the ability to pack em in like sardines. Starting with Charlotte, then quickly followed by Texas and Atlanta, these 3 tracks make up the keystone in Winston Cup that is the D oval. All 3 are very similar, but Texas is much more unforgiving though.

Texas only has one very fast, stable groove. Any mistakes and you will slide up the hill causing you to back off and lose precious ground. Failure to give and you will find yourself in the wall. Finding the fastest way around Texas can take time, but when you find it consistently, it will be very rewarding. The fastest line is also the line that is easiest on tires so any good setup should last you a while.

Be sure to watch the push at Texas due to the gray area. If your setups tend to tighten as you get into runs, be sure to start out a little loose and just be more careful and conserative until your car comes around. Maintain your position and then when you can attack the track, pick everyone off one by one.

Setup Name Sim Author
Lowes set improved NASCAR Racing 2003 gordongonnabe
Texas Setup Repost NASCAR Racing 2003 n2music
Texas NR 2002 walmart27
N2002 Texas Arcade Setups (race and q... NR 2002 1820win
Camera Name Sim Author
Texas cameras NASCAR Racing 2003 thirtyone29
Texas: realistic TV cameras NASCAR Racing 2003 SpeedMaster14
Texas Cameras NR 2002 slickerD
N4 - Texas Cameras NASCAR 4 slickerD
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