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Atlanta Motor Speedway
Recently reconfigured for the last race of the 1997 season, Atlanta has become one of the fastest tracks in the schedule. A clean, solid entry into the turns, and a quick exit allows for maximum speed and blazing fast lap times. Being able to execute passes on lap cars and position contenders can get difficult at times at this track. Being smooth is the key. Just remember to take it easy on fresh tires so you won't break loose in the turns and wreck hard.
Setup Name Sim Author
Atlanta setup NASCAR Racing 2003 awesome racer27
Chicagoland set NASCAR Racing 2003 gordongonnabe
Lowe's night set - gordongonnabe NASCAR Racing 2003 gordongonnabe
Atlanta Race Setup NR2002 NR 2002 TOM1951
ATLANTA QUALIFY 29.762 NR 2002 TOM1951
Repost ATLANTA Qualify 29.762 NR 2002 TOM1951
good atlanta setup NR 2002 awesome racer27
Really Fast Atlanta Setup NASCAR 4 LilStevieMc20
Camera Name Sim Author
Atlanta cams NASCAR Racing 2003 thirtyone29
new Atlanta cams NASCAR Racing 2003 thirtyone29
joey logano 22 throwback 2019 NASCAR Racing 2003 bjamEdbgroak1
New Atlanta Cameras NR 2002 Josh_S
Atlanta Cameras NR 2002 slickerD
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