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Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Until 1994, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was host only to USAC Sanctioned open wheel events, that all changed when the rolling thinder of the NASCAR boys cam to town. The Brickyard 400 is one of NASCAR's premier events and takes quite a bit of confidence and patience to win there.

Much like Pocono with its low banked turns, Indy requires a very good and stable setup in the turns yet fast on the exit and straights. Since all 4 turns have pretty much the same radius and banking, setup is made a little easier.

Passing points are at a premium due to the very low banking and single groove racing/turns. The best overtaking spots are typically going into turns 1 and 3, and if you get a good run coming off of turn 4 towards the tunnel you can draft off of the car in front of you early and take them and a few others on the front straight and into 1. If you pass someone going into 1 and 3 with too much speed, expect to see them going right back by on the inside when you end up pushing towards or into the wall.

Brake early and gently into 1 and 3 when not overtaking so you can have a smooth and steady line through the turns since your exit speeds from 2 and 4 are absolutely key.

Setup Name Sim Author
Indy "Shift on long straights" Setup NR 2002 StangMan99
Indy Race Setup NASCAR 4 GM_Trock
Setup for Fast Indianapolis Track (N4) NASCAR 4 RustyFalcon1005
Indy Qualify NASCAR 3 ojibwa bear
Race indy NASCAR 3 ojibwa bear
Camera Name Sim Author
Indy cams NASCAR Racing 2003 thirtyone29
Indy/IRP cameras NASCAR Racing 2003 thirtyone29
Indianapolis Motorspeedway Cameras NR 2002 slickerD
N4 - Indianapolis Updated Cameras NASCAR 4 RustyW2
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