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Talladega Superspeedway
The biggest and fastest track on the NASCAR schedule, Talladega is a very similar plate track to Daytona, but it requires a slightly different setup. Be sure to save your tires when in the lead, but stick to the bottom of the turns when chanlenging or being chalenged. Talladega offers a very wide racing surface and generous exit to turn 4 that Daytona does not. This will give you an excellent passing opportunity that you would otherwise not see. Get sucked up on the bumper of somebody coming off of four and then swing low or drift high (whichever is opposite of your opponent) to slingshot around him. It may be tough to make a last lap pass on the outside for the win since the checkered flag actually comes after the start finish line, but when trying to move up in positions, faking ot the inside and then going to the outside often offers an excellent draft from the car ahead of you. You can get a free tow about the car you are trying to pass and overtake them easily by the end of the front straight.
Setup Name Sim Author
Talladega Setup for Nr03 NASCAR Racing 2003 awesome racer27
Q70 Clear No WInd NASCAR Racing 2003 =THS= KaNe
MBRdega_np_17rc NASCAR Racing 2003 Ric17
Talledaga Q 50.350 NASCAR Racing 2003 viper16
Super Fast SS CTS Q set NASCAR Racing 2003 TwerpBassMan
Really Fast NASCAR Racing 2003 gdelia928
Setup for dega NR 2002 awesome racer27
70deg Race setup NR 2002 JTxpress
Taladega 70deg Qual. setup NR 2002 JTxpress
Camera Name Sim Author
New Talladega Cam NASCAR Racing 2003 Jeffgrulez24
Talladega cameras NASCAR Racing 2003 thirtyone29
revised Talladega cameras NASCAR Racing 2003 thirtyone29
'Dega CAM *REQUEST* NASCAR Racing 2003 Thrasher24
*BI* Talladega cameras that were used... NR 2002 Sam Lincoln
N4 - Talladega Cameras NASCAR 4 slickerD
#71 Mike Bliss Martinsville (CWS15) NASCAR Legends Reno62793
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