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Hobbies: Playing old and new NASCAR games, attempting to recreate crashes, etc Web Page:
uploaded files
(NCS22) Ty Gibbs 2023 Sport Clips Toyota Camry (FICTIONAL) - 54SportClips.cup.rar 175 downloads
ThatOneLarsonFan - 11/28/2022 - 8 User Comments - 748.2 kb  
Base and Sport Clips logos: NRSC08 Designs on Stunod. JGR and Interstate Batteries logo: Google. Driver door signature: Mopar on Stunod. Numbers: Big Evil Racing. (No image because I couldn't get any screenshots of the car that was below 200 k)
Kevin Harvick 2006 GM Goodwrench Retro (REPOST) (NCS22) - KH06Goodwrench.cup.rar 335 downloads
ThatOneLarsonFan - 4/25/2022 - 3 User Comments - 938.3 kb  
Logos from Google. Base by Kevin0108 on Stunod. Numbers from Big Evil. No photo becuase lazy af. Reposted now in a rar file.
Ryan Newman 2021 Kansas 2 (MENCS19) - 6_VD_KAN2.cup.car 971 downloads
ThatOneLarsonFan - 11/16/2021 - 13 User Comments - 2,904.0 kb  
Base by me. Images from Google. Everything else by me.
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