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review: The smart kid no one notices
posted by: theshackle - 2/16/2009  
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I donít know about you but Iím sick of the Daytona 500 and Dale Jr. Iíve done my share of complaining but itís over so that will be the last Iíll mention it for a while. So letís talk about something good in racing (yes, there is such a thing). Underneath all the dissent for Jimmie Johnsonís 3-peat, Busch Wackers, the COT, and a general lack of excitement, one series is consistently delivering on what it promises. Thatís right the Camping World Truck Series.

NASCARís least popular series is actually the best series right now. Last season the Trucks delivered not only a championship battle that not only went down to the last race but the last lap, something that canít be said for any other series. Not to mention the tailgate brigade showed us some of the most exciting racing of the year. Look at Johnny Bensonís Michigan Race (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXjccBI7EfM&feature=related) or my hometown driver Donny Liaís emotional first win (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5c9l-EmQ8Lo).

Yet somehow the worldís most competitive racing series not only lost their title sponsor Craftsman, but many teams lost sponsors and were forced out of the sport. And in the weeks leading up to the Truckís season opener, many feared there wouldnít even be a full field of trucks. Why?

The trucks have found themselves playing the role of the shy overshadow smart kid. You know the one. The really bright child whose intelligence goes un-noticed and un-nurtured because his brothers are always miss-behaving and causing problems. The Cup series has been the scene of some of the most predictable racing all season. Many argue the Chase has ruined the sport and illegitimated the title. Weíll we have already seen that the trucks have exciting racing and thereís no chase. The truck series donít know the meaning of the word dark horse because as last season proved every driver is a contender. With the infiltration of cup drivers into the Nationwide series, it has become nothing more than a mini cup tour, and with so many people up in arms about the bad cup racing why would you want to watch the same thing on Saturday? The Trucks rarely see more than 3 cup drivers in the field. And if you think Kyle Busch is good in cup you should see the stuff he pulls off in the trucks. If you donít like KB well youíre in luck because Busch only won 3 races in the trucks last season, the least of any of the three series. So once again how is it that among the three series the trucks are the oneís struggling the most?

Maybe itís because the races are on SPEED? That could very well be the reason, despite some of the best commentary and the least commercial interruptions; the trucks are rarely seen because not everyone has speed. NASCAR needs to be fair here and give the trucks more time to shine in primetime. Maybe itís because big names donít drive trucks? So great, where else is it better to get away from the over polished walking advertisements that pilot the cup cars (you know what Iím talking about).

While Many of us were complaining about the crappy cup racing or the number of cup drivers in the NW series, Johnny Benson was Winning one of the closet and most exciting championship battles in Nascar History. So show the trucks some love this weekend and watch the closest, realest racing around. Plus the Trucks will be on FOX this weekend so no excuses from those without SPEED.

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