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Username: theshackle
First Name: Greg Last Name: Berkowitz
E-mail: gregb08@vt.edu
ICQ: Location: Long Island
Hobbies: racing online and for real, flying, nd such Web Page:
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Dunder Mifflin Dallar Indy Car - DunderDallara_GBerkowitz.tga 1348 downloads
theshackle - 12/25/2011 - 0 User Comments - 189.6 kb  
Dallara Indy Car sponsored by Dunder Mifflin for iRacing. Logos from google. Template from iRacing.com. Do not repost without my permission. Enjoy.
Dan Wheldon Memorial Badge - Wheldon.psd 1546 downloads
theshackle - 10/17/2011 - 5 User Comments - 7,532.3 kb  
I made this to put on my iRacing schemes for all this weeks races. I've always been a big fan of Dan, I don't know the words to describe what happened. So feel free to use this on your own rides if you want. It's in .psd format.
Juggernog LateModel iRacing. - 34823.tga 1605 downloads
theshackle - 8/31/2011 - 2 User Comments - 485.0 kb  
An ode to Nazi Zombies, this is a Late Model sponsored by the drink "Jugger-Nog" which gives you the Juggernaut perk in Nazi Zombies. All Jugger-Nog logos were created by myself, the template is iRacing.
Menards Dallara iRacing - MenardsDallaraGB.tga 1530 downloads
theshackle - 8/26/2011 - 0 User Comments - 369.8 kb  
Menards Dallara Indycar inspired by some of the schemes Tony Stewart drove during his IRL career, although not an exact replica. Logos from google.
Capt. Morgan Mustang iRacing - CapitanMorgan500.tga 1251 downloads
theshackle - 8/23/2011 - 0 User Comments - 507.8 kb  
My personal scheme for the Grand Am Multi-class and Thrustmaster Mustang series on iRacing. Credit to google for the logos and iRacing for the template.
iRacing Winnipeg Jets ruck - WinnipegTruck.tga 1312 downloads
theshackle - 8/1/2011 - 0 User Comments - 189.2 kb  
A tribute to the NHL's "newest" team. For the Class C Cevy Silverado on iRacing. All Logos from google and sportslogos.net
Generic Pit Crews (7) for NR2k3 - GenericPitCrewsTheShackle.rar 1759 downloads
theshackle - 3/21/2011 - 3 User Comments - 5,189.8 kb  
Sick of seeing that old red pit box when you download a car without a crew? Put these 7 PitCrew .tga files in your export import folder so that when you download a car without a crew you can import one of these so at least you have some variety on pit road. There are seven files, red, blue, black, yellow, green, orange, purple. If you use one of these for an upload please give credit. Credits- Template from Swiss, Logos from google. Enjoy
"Black Smoke" Tony Stewart Fict. - BlackSmoke.cup.car 1651 downloads
theshackle - 3/16/2011 - 5 User Comments - 617.3 kb  
This scheme is a remake of the first ever paint scheme I uploaded to NNR: http://nnracing.com/filelibrary.asp?fileid=52899 . It's something I've always wanted to see run at a night race, all black. Thanks to Muddslide, Masgrafx, Bullring, Google, Ten0r.
ASUS Daytona Prototype iRacing - ASUSdpGB.tga 1339 downloads
theshackle - 3/14/2011 - 0 User Comments - 210.0 kb  
This my personal ride for the Class C multi-class series. Sponsored by the computer company ASUS. Template is from iRacing.com. The logos are from Google. Enjoy. If you need help learning how to use iRacing paint files then send me a message.
2011 K&N IROC carset Part 2 - KNMartinMeyersPowerPruettSmokeVettel.zip 1830 downloads
theshackle - 3/11/2011 - 3 User Comments - 6,962.9 kb  
This is Part 2 of my 2011 Fictional IROC carset sponsored by K&N. This carset is for the PWF IROC Mod. Thanks to google images and Masgrafx for the logos, and RenaultFan for converting these to proper car files. Base, Numbers, Names, and other logos designed by me. Enjoy and please comment. Drivers Included: Mark Martin- All-time great IROC driver Jason Meyers- 2010 WoO Champ Will Power- Indy Car runner up Scott Pruett- 2010 Grand Am DP champ Tony Stewart- Reining active IROC champion (2006) Sebastian Vettel- 2010 F1 Champ
2011 K&N IROC carset Part 1 - KNBodineBuschForceDarioJohnsonKez.zip 1718 downloads
theshackle - 3/11/2011 - 0 User Comments - 6,956.9 kb  
This is Part 1 of my 2011 Fictional IROC carset sponsored by K&N. This carset is for the PWF IROC Mod. Thanks to google images and Masgrafx for the logos, and RenaultFan for converting these to proper car files. Base, Numbers, Names, and other logos designed by me. Enjoy and please comment. Drivers Included: Todd Bodine-2010 NCWTS Champ Kyle Busch- Multi race winner in 2010 John Force- 15 time and 2010 NHRA Funny Car champ Dario Franchitti- 2010 Indy Car Champ Jimmie Johnson- 5 time and 2010 Sprint Cup Champion Brad Kesolowski- 2010 NWS champ
The Walking Dead Riley DP - WalkingDeadDP.tga 1515 downloads
theshackle - 1/30/2011 - 0 User Comments - 404.0 kb  
The scheme I used for the iRacing.com 2.4 hour race this past weekend. Based on the comic book series The Walking Dead. All logos and art work are from google.
iRacing 2005 Greg Biffle SS - BiffleNGstreetstock.tga 1511 downloads
theshackle - 1/11/2011 - 1 User Comments - 198.3 kb  
Greg Biffle's 2005 National Guard paint scheme for the iRacing Street Stock. Thanks to muddslide and BCR for the contigs. Logos are from google and custom made by myself.
Winter Classic Penguins Class C - WinterClassicGB.tga 1897 downloads
theshackle - 12/31/2010 - 5 User Comments - 272.0 kb  
This is Pittsburgh Penguins themed tribute scheme to this years Winter classic for iRacing. Big thanks to sportslogos.net for the great logos
Star Fleet Class A Impalla - starfleetIMPALLAclassA.tga 1496 downloads
theshackle - 12/28/2010 - 2 User Comments - 502.3 kb  
This is an updated version of my NR2k3 starfleet car for Class A Impalla for use with iRacing. The idea being the same as the various cars the Army, Navy, and Air Force have sponsored over the years only instead with Star Fleet Academy from Star Trek. Thanks to JoHan for some of the chrome layers.
DOT Street stock iRacing - DOTstreetstock.tga 1438 downloads
theshackle - 12/23/2010 - 0 User Comments - 132.8 kb  
This is the scheme I'll be running for the new street stock on iRacing. It's inspired by Cole Trickles #46 scheme from my favorite film Days of Thunder.
Black Ops MX-5 iRacing - COD7mx5cup.tga 1442 downloads
theshackle - 11/4/2010 - 1 User Comments - 507.9 kb  
A simple Call of Duty: Black Ops scheme for the new MX-5 cup. iRacing for the temp and google for the logos.
iRacing Class C Atlanta Thrashers - HockeyThrashersTruck.tga 1397 downloads
theshackle - 10/26/2010 - 0 User Comments - 206.9 kb  
Atlanta Thrashers truck for my NHL collection for iRacing. Next up on the docket are the oilers, avs, and habs.
iRacing Class C Boston Bruins - HockeyTruckBruins.tga 1448 downloads
theshackle - 10/22/2010 - 2 User Comments - 150.4 kb  
Boston Bruins Silverado for my iRacing Class C collection. Thanks to Sportslogos.net.
Penguins iRacing Silverado - HockeyPensTruck.tga 1501 downloads
theshackle - 10/20/2010 - 1 User Comments - 166.2 kb  
Pens edition of my Class C NHL collection. Thanks to sportslogos.net
RedWings Class C iRacing truck - HockeyTruckRedWings.tga 1483 downloads
theshackle - 10/20/2010 - 0 User Comments - 122.4 kb  
thanks to sportslogos.net. this is for my iRacing Class C NHL collection
iRacing Class C Tampa Bay - HockeyTampaTruck.tga 1349 downloads
theshackle - 10/14/2010 - 0 User Comments - 636.8 kb  
Tampa Bay Lightning truck for my NHL collection. Thanks to Sportslogos.net
iRacing Class C Dallas Stars - HockeyStarsTruck.tga 1349 downloads
theshackle - 10/14/2010 - 0 User Comments - 241.6 kb  
Dallas Stars edition of my NHL collection for the Silverado. Thanks to Sportslogos.net.
iRacing NHL collection Islanders - HockeyIslaseTruck_Home.tga 1461 downloads
theshackle - 10/13/2010 - 0 User Comments - 187.6 kb  
Another NHL scheme in the books. here's a re-boot of myIslanders scheme for the C class. Next up with be the stars.
iRacing NHL collection Sharks - HockeySharksTruck.tga 1416 downloads
theshackle - 10/10/2010 - 1 User Comments - 227.7 kb  
I'm back at it again, this time I'm doing a class C NHL set for iRacing. This is the first edition, the 20th anniversary San Jose Sharks Truck. Thanks to Sportslogos.net for the logos.
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