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Username: teamhtb
First Name: Tanner Last Name: Hart
ICQ: Location: Canada
Hobbies: Paint Scheme Designer Web Page: https://www.instagram.com/teamhtb/
uploaded files
#48 2005 Jimmie Johnson Fictional COY **New Painter, Need Feedback** - 2005_48sbrHR.cup.car 11 downloads
teamhtb - 5/21/2017 - 10 User Comments - 596.8 kb  
Fictional 2005 Jimmie Johnson Lowes/Top Choice Lumber Products Chevy. Wanted To Make Another Hendrick Car That Went With My Fcitional Jeff Gordon Design So I Made This Design. Forget Where The Template Is From, Base From NNRacing, 1-800-Marrow Logo From SimRacing Forums, Numbers From MRD, Contengencies From NNRacing, And All Other Logos From Google.
#18 2005 Bobby Labonte Fictional COY ***New Painter, Need Feedback** - 2005_18sbrHR1.cup.car 10 downloads
teamhtb - 5/19/2017 - 6 User Comments - 531.8 kb  
Fictional 2005 Bobby Labonte Interstate Batteries/MBNA Chevy. I Got Tired Of Racing With My Fictional Carset And Seeing Bobby Labonte In His Actual 2005 Scheme So I Made My Own Version Of His Paint Scheme. Forget Where The Template Is From, Base From SimRacing Forums, Interstate Side Logos and MBNA Decklid and Side Logos By Me, Interstate Hood Logo and Numbers From MRD, Contengencies From NNRacing, Other Logos From Google
#21 2005 Ricky Rudd Fictional COY - 2005_21sbrHR.cup.car 43 downloads
teamhtb - 5/4/2017 - 6 User Comments - 573.4 kb  
Fictional 2005 Ricky Rudd Motorcraft/Ford Parts & Service Ford, I Know This Base Isn't As Good As The Original, But There's A Story Behind This Base. Having Watched The Movie "Six Pack" Many Times, I Wondered If Anyone Had Made Brewster Bakers Car. I Searched All Over And Found Nothing, So I Decided To Make His Car On A 2005 Ford Taurus . After Finishing The Base And Using Motorcraft Logos Instead Of Winston Logos I Realized That This Base Might Work For A Ricky Rudd Fictional, And This Became The End Result. Forget Where The Template Is From, Base, US Air Force, and Ford Parts & Service Logo By Me, Contengencies From NNRacing, Number From MRD, Other Logos From Google.
#24 2005 Jeff Gordon Fictional COY - 2005_24sbrHR2.cup.car 38 downloads
teamhtb - 5/4/2017 - 2 User Comments - 654.3 kb  
Fictional 2005 Jeff Gordon DuPont Chevy, I'm Not A Fan Of His Flame Design (Or Flame Designs In General) So I Whipped Up This Paint Scheme. Forget Where The Template Is From, Dupont Hood Logo From Stunod Racing, Dupont Side Logos From MRD, Dupont Rear Logo and Dupont Decklid Logos By Me. Contengencies From NNRacing, Numbers From MRD, Other Logos From Google.
#30 2005 Kevin Harvick Fictional COY - 2005_30fic.cup.car 30 downloads
teamhtb - 5/4/2017 - 0 User Comments - 1,505.3 kb  
Fictional 2005 Kevin Harvick Team Realtree / Goodwrench Service Chevy, The Reasoning Behind The Fact That He's Driving #30 Instead If #29 Is Because I Designed This Car For A Fictional Carset For If Dale Earnhardt Lived. So Harvick Didn't Come Into The Cup Series Until 2002. Forget Where The Template Is From, Base, Goodwrench and Contengencies From NNRacing, Realtree Logo From SimRacing, Other Logos and Numbers From Google.
#41 2005 Michael Waltrip Fictional COY - 2005_41fic.cup.car 56 downloads
teamhtb - 4/6/2017 - 4 User Comments - 582.8 kb  
Fictional 2005 Michael Waltrip Cheerios/Hamburger Helper Dodge. In My Fictional Carset I Made (Which Hasn't Been Released) It So That Adam Petty Never Died In New Hampshire And Brought Success To Petty Enterprises. I Made Them A 3 Car Team In 2005. Instead Of Mikey Leaving DEI At The End Of 2005 He Leave's At The End Of 2004 And Signs With Petty Enterprises For 2005 In The #41 Car. Forget Were The Template Is From , Base & Hamburger Helper Logo By MRD, Other Logos Google.
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