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since 6.4.1996

Username: teamhtb
First Name: Tanner Last Name: Hart
ICQ: Location: Canada
Hobbies: Paint Scheme Designer Web Page: https://www.instagram.com/teamhtb/
uploaded files
#21 2005 Ricky Rudd Fictional COY - 2005_21sbrHR.cup.car 18 downloads
teamhtb - 3/21/2017 - 2 User Comments - 573.4 kb  
Fictional 2005 Ricky Rudd Motorcraft/Ford Parts & Service Ford, I Know This Base Isn't As Good As The Original, But There's A Story Behind This Base. Having Watched The Movie "Six Pack" Many Times, I Wondered If Anyone Had Made Brewster Bakers Car. I Searched All Over And Found Nothing, So I Decided To Make His Car On A 2005 Ford Taurus . After Finishing The Base And Using Motorcraft Logos Instead Of Winston Logos I Realized That This Base Might Work For A Ricky Rudd Fictional, And This Became The End Result. Forget Were The Template Is From , Base By Me. Numbers from MRD, Ford Parts & Service And U.S. Air Force Logo By Me, Other Logos Google. Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/BR6wO6-hzU0/
#24 2005 Jeff Gordon Fictional COY - 2005_24sbrHR2.cup.car 31 downloads
teamhtb - 3/19/2017 - 0 User Comments - 654.3 kb  
Fictional 2005 Jeff Gordon DuPont Chevy, I'm Not A Fan Of His Flame Design (Or Flame Designs In General) So I Whipped Up This Paint Scheme Using A Similar Design to nascarartist20's Version.Forget Were The Template Is From , Base from nascarartist20. Numbers from SDG, Dupont Logo from Stunodracing, Other Logos From RacingGrafix,SRD, and Google. Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/BR0-y8Chify/
#30 2005 Kevin Harvick Fictional COY - 2005_30fic.cup.car 30 downloads
teamhtb - 3/19/2017 - 4 User Comments - 1,505.3 kb  
Fictional 2005 Kevin Harvick Team Realtree / Goodwrench Service Chevy, The Reasoning Behind The Fact That He's Driving #30 Instead If #29 Is Because I Designed This Car For A Fictional Carset For If Dale Earnhardt Lived. So Harvick Didn't Come Into The Cup Series Until 2002. Forget Were The Template Is From , Base and Numbers from SDG,Logos From RacingGrafix,SRD, and Google. Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/BRZBUX4hfOX/
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