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#43 2005 Micheal Waltrip Cheerios Dodge Fictional COY
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Posted By: teamhtb  
Fictional #43 2005 Michael Waltrip Cheerios/Hamburger Helper Dodge. I Recently Was Informed By Davidellias That The #43 Car Does Not Take Any Alcohol Sponsors After Richard Petty Made A Promise To His Mother That There Would Never Be Any Alcohol Sponsors On The Car So I Have Redone This Car And My Fictional Micheal Waltrip Car To Fix This Ordeal By Making These Two Fictionals Switch Numbers. So Micheal Is Now In The #43 and Sterling Is Now The #41. The Previous Version Had Many Errors So I Corrected It and This Version Is A Replacement to The Previous Version, So Download This One To Replace The Old Version. In My Fictional Carset I Made (Which Hasn't Been Released), Adam Petty Never Died In New Hampshire And Once He Went Full Time In Cup He Brought Success To Petty Enterprises. I Made Them A 3 Car Team In 2005. Instead Of Mikey Leaving DEI At The End Of 2005 He Leave's At The End Of 2004 And Signs With Petty Enterprises For 2005 In The #43 Car. Forget Were The Template Is From , Base & Hamburger Helper Logo By MRD, Numbers From BigEvilRacing, Contengencies From NNRacing, All Other Logos From Google.
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