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#17 2005 Brian Vickers Office Depot Ford Fictional COY
teamhtb - 7/16/2017 - 609.1 kb - 210 User Downloads  
Posted By: teamhtb  
Fictional 2005 #17 Brian Vickers Office Depot Ford Taurus. In My NASCAR Alternate Universe There Are Many Team and Driver Changes, Brian Vickers Is One Of Them. He Isn't Driving For Hendrick Motorsports and DeWalt Isn't A Roush Sponsor, The Reason Behind That Will be Revealed In The Future. In 2004, Brian Vickers Is Signed By Roush Racing For The Season For A Rookie Campaign, Having Multiple Different Sponsors Like Jeff Burton Actually Did In 2004 Due To Poor Performance. For 2005 Roush Picks Up Sponsorship From Office Depot and Becomes The Main Sponsor For Brian Vickers. Forget Where Template Is From, Base From NNRacing and Partially Modified By Me, Office Depot Logos and Numbers From MRD, Contengencies From NNRacing, and All Other Logos From Google.
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Posted By: XuticX  
i love the office depot colors. and having brian vickers at Roush seems fitting.
Posted By: teamhtb  
Thank you for the feedback Matt Yeager, I edited all my most recent downloads and took out **Feedback Always Helps and Is Appreciated** just for you.
Posted By: Matt Yeager  
Here is a feedback : **Stop writing this on the title, please!** That's really annoying and useless.
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