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#51 B.J. McLeod Jacob Companies Darlington
Philly_T - 9/2/2018 - 1,225.6 kb - 509 User Downloads  
Posted By: Philly_T  
Credits: Base, logos, and numbers by me template from Splash n' Go
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User Comments:
Posted By: Philly_T  
Sorry for the numbers not being perfect, honestly I made the car while watching the race, and I'm not use to the idea of actually stretching the number all the way across the door lol. as a painter I always try to not over size the numbers, on this car I guess that mindset worked against me
Posted By: racingfan83  
The number in game is bigger
Posted By: radney  
Yes, you are correct. I saw the same thing. The numbers in the race was much bigger.
Posted By: painter101  
I feel like the number on the side was bigger in the race. Otherwise very good!
Posted By: GBezerra  
thanks!!! that was missing...
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