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#86 Fred Jones Papyrus MENCup 2018
Philly_T - 6/10/2018 - 2,749.7 kb - 254 User Downloads  
Posted By: Philly_T  
A remake of the classic player/Fred Jones' car from the Original cup mod on the MENCup2018 mod from Splash N' Go Graphics. Template:BER/Splash N' Go Number:Me Base:Me Logos:Google
Screen Shot:
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User Comments:
Posted By: hokiegrad  
Nice job on this. It looks great!
Posted By: shaneshine23  
8x NASCAR Winston Nextel Sprint Monster Energy Cup Champion Fred Jones everyone!!
Posted By: Nascar_Turn4  
Fred Jones, Future HOF
Posted By: Philly_T  
You're new to Nr2003 and Papyrus racing sims, but Fred Jones is the default driver that was added into the games for the player to use. This same paint scheme has been recreated various time for just about every mod for it's popularity and nostalgia. Fred Jones is the most important SIM racer in history.
Posted By: isaacgaming21  
The mod have a Car driver BY Fred Jones but his sponsor is Iracing
Posted By: Philly_T  
Thank you Mr. Jones will always have a ride so long as I have Photoshop lol
Posted By: ongias25  
Fred Jones such a player and still has a ride after all these years. Great job on this one thank you!
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