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2002 BGN Alternate Pack 10: Dover 1
Strawberry - 1/15/2020 - 13,274.4 kb - 326 User Downloads  
Posted By: Strawberry  
Here's another fairly large BGN pack. This one contains a few one-offs that haven't been painted among others. Included is the #1 Yellow Guaranteed Chevy, #7 Kleenex/Safeway Chevy, #47 Goulds Pumps Chevy, #49 USS Wasp/Priceless Rent-A-Car Ford, #52 field filler Ford, #59 Kingsford/Giant Chevy, #64 Seacrets Chevy, #77 Ford, #89 America's Most Wanted Chevy, #93 field filler Pontiac, and #94 Metabo Power Tools Chevy. As per usual, this is for PWF GNS, has custom ratings and crews, and there are a few inaccuracies (mostly with field fillers/one-offs with little to no quality reference pics) but these ones in particular are very close to their real life representations.
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Posted By: user_x  
I wish we could all just be happy about having more cars to race with. Is that so hard?
Posted By: mrandoman  
Stopping ripping off the cars without permission.
Posted By: RacerRon13  
I just came across your car sets here. Great job. Thanks for your efforts.
Posted By: ongias25  
Again, many thanks for doing these cars and sharing!
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