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2002 BGN Alternate Pack 3: Darlington 1 - 2002_bgn_darl1_pack.zip 78 downloads
Strawberry - 7/13/2019 - 1 User Comments - 8,514.5 kb  
A set containing 6 cars from Darlington 1 not yet painted: #21 Jeff Green Rockwell Automation, #23 Scott Wimmer unsponsored, #33 Tony Raines unsponsored, #38 Mark Green Akins Ford/EasyCare, #84 Shane Hall U.S. Buildings (DNQ), and #86 Mike Laughlin, Jr. W.J. Plemons Investments. The 21 and 23 are subtly different than other cars already painted (not by me), the 33 is subtly different than my Rockingham 1 version, and the 38, 84 and 86 are all schemes/sponsors/drivers not painted before for NR2003. Usual ratings and pit crews included. Also a friendly reminder to re-download my Las Vegas pack if you downloaded it before today, as I just re-uploaded it with Kevin Grubb's Golden Nugget car and the correct Derrike Cope car.
2002 BGN Alternate Pack 2: Las Vegas - 2002_bgn_lv_pack.zip 116 downloads
Strawberry - 7/4/2019 - 2 User Comments - 7,736.5 kb  
Here are some missing cars from Las Vegas: #7 Randy LaJoie Kleenex/Vons, #07 Ken Schrader Federated Auto Parts, #33 Tony Raines Alka-Seltzer Plus, #49 Craig Raudman Rent-a- Wreck/Blair49/Yerf-Dog, and #94 Derrike Cope Gioia (and as of 7/12/19, #54 Kevin Grubb Golden Nugget). Ratings and bases by me, logos from Google and ripped from other cars, numbers and contigs from other cars. Note: The 7 and 33 are pretty accurate, I was able to get some really good looks at them. The 07 and 94 don't have too many good pics so some alternate sponsors may be off. The 49 is missing a few alternate sponsors but is mostly accurate.
2002 BGN Alternate Pack 1 - 2002_bgn_nc1_pack.zip 163 downloads
Strawberry - 6/18/2019 - 2 User Comments - 7,089.5 kb  
A few cars that ran the first Rockingham race. Full set includes #7 Randy Lajoie Kleenex/Winn-Dixie, #21 Jeff Green Rockwell Automation, #25 Bobby Hamilton, Jr. Marines/Iwo Jima Memorial, #33 Tony Raines BACE Motorsports, and #94 Daniel Johnson racefanfun.com. #7, 25, 33 base by me. All primary logos ripped from the internet; most secondary logos and contigs ripped from other 2002 cars. #21 and 94 are simple TGA edits from the SRD pack.
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