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2002 BGN Alternate Pack 1 - 2002_bgn_nc1_pack.zip 23 downloads
Strawberry - 6/18/2019 - 2 User Comments - 7,089.5 kb  
A few cars that ran the first Rockingham race. Full set includes #7 Randy Lajoie Kleenex/Winn-Dixie, #21 Jeff Green Rockwell Automation, #25 Bobby Hamilton, Jr. Marines/Iwo Jima Memorial, #33 Tony Raines BACE Motorsports, and #94 Daniel Johnson racefanfun.com. #7, 25, 33 base by me. All primary logos ripped from the internet; most secondary logos and contigs ripped from other 2002 cars. #21 and 94 are simple TGA edits from the SRD pack.
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