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Username: 17kenseth88jrfan
First Name: Matt Last Name: Contey
E-mail: matt.contey@gmail.com
ICQ: Location: New Jersey
Hobbies: Motorsports, Sim-racing, Digital Design Web Page:
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2016 Cody Ware #55 Carport Empire Chevy (Sonoma DNQ) Gen6BR15 - 16warecarport55.cup.car 344 downloads
gone-sovereign - 12/31/2016 - 1 User Comments - 1,946.9 kb  
This is the car that Cody Ware attempted to make his Cup debut with at Sonoma driving for Premium Motorsports, but failed to qualify. It's hardly noticable, but the signature above the driver's and passenger's doors isn't exact, I couldn't identify the font used. Comes with pit crew, but no ratings since Cody DNQ'd the car. [CREDITS: Template - BER/Base - Me/Numbers - Me/Logos - Google Images, Facebook, Me/Contingencies - SRD/Miscellaneous - Me, Identifont/Pit Crew - TeamSBR] Enjoy!
2007 Kenny Wallace #78 Furniture Row Chevy (NNC07) - 07kwallacefur78.cup.car 283 downloads
gone-sovereign - 11/14/2016 - 1 User Comments - 955.6 kb  
This was one of the cars I'd absent-mindedly forgotten to include in my NNC07 carset, and I'm just now remembering to post it here. This is Kenny "Herman" Wallace's Furniture Row Chevy from 2007. He ran ten races in this car that year. [CREDITS: Template - BCR/Base - Me/Numbers - BER/Logos - Me/Contingencies - bman1699, BCR/B-Pillars - Mike_84/Miscellaneous - Me/Pit Crew - TeamSBR] Ratings and pit crew included. Enjoy!
Vintage NASCAR 70s-80s Logo Pack - Vintage70s-80sLogoPack.zip 227 downloads
gone-sovereign - 11/14/2016 - 0 User Comments - 1,660.5 kb  
A pack of ten decals used on NASCAR race cars through the 70's and 80's, including: Regal Ride Shock Absorbers, K&K Insurance, Grey Rock Brake Lining, Speed Pro Piston Rings, Gatorade, Michigan 77 Engine Bearings, Goodyear Belts & Hose, Busch Beer Pole Award, City Chevrolet, and Solder Seal Gunk. I traced over most of these myself using images I found on Google Images and Ebay, and the ones I didn't were most likely converted from vector images and modified accordingly. Enjoy!
Gen6BR15 #46 Cole Trickle City Chevrolet Days of Thunder Fictional - coletricklegen6.cup.car 461 downloads
gone-sovereign - 7/6/2016 - 6 User Comments - 1,943.1 kb  
Cole Trickle's City Chevrolet car from the film Days of Thunder on a Gen 6. Days of Thunder is one of my favorite films, the scripting is laughable in spots but otherwise I consider it an exemplary racing film. ;) [CREDITS: Template - BER/Base - Me/Numbers - Not sure, was linked to them by someone on SRD; slightly modified by me/Logos - Me, Google/Contingencies - Me, Miller's Vinyl Graphics/Miscellaneous - WhatTheFont Forums, Rollinthunder99, Me] Enjoy!
Gen6BR15 #95 Lightning McQueen Cars Fictional - lmcqueengen6.cup.car 596 downloads
17kenseth88jrfan - 6/30/2016 - 4 User Comments - 2,523.1 kb  
Lightning McQueen's paint scheme from the film Cars on a Gen 6 model. As I type this, I'm realizing we're closing in, if we hadn't already passed it, on the 10 year anniversary of that film. HOW TIME FLIES. [Credits: Template - BER/Base - Me/Logos - Google, Me/Numbers - Me/Contingencies - Google, Me/Pit Crew - hokiegrad/Miscellaneous - Google, Me] Enjoy!
Gen6BR15 Retro #16 Jean-Denis Deletraz Pacific Racing Ford - j-ddeletrazgen6.cup.car 411 downloads
kensethfan - 5/22/2016 - 1 User Comments - 1,824.4 kb  
(I know, outdated template. Don't care.) Here is my first attempt at converting a Formula One livery to a Gen. 6 stock car, this being the livery of the Pacific Racing cars from 1995. More specifically, this is the car driven by Jean-Denis Deletraz, one of the sparingly few men whose driving was so bad it could leave Murray Walker speechless. [CREDITS: Template - BER/Base - Me/Numbers - Me/Logos - Google, BrandsoftheWorld, Me/Miscellaneous - Me, Wikipedia] Enjoy!
ARCA 2007 David Ragan #39 AAA (Daytona) - 07raganarca39.gns.car 388 downloads
kensethfan - 12/6/2015 - 1 User Comments - 1,289.4 kb  
A car I was looking for but couldn't find, so I went ahead and made it. This is the car that David Ragan ran the 2007 ARCA 200 at Daytona in for Ruolo Brothers Racing, and finished fourth. I might end up doing a few more cars from that race because I want to run a full Daytona Speedweeks for that year in NR and I'm missing a few cars from the ARCA race. [CREDITS: Template - ARCA Racing (Valence Tape layers borrowed from Zone15 template)/Base - Me/Numbers - Me/Logos - Google, Me/Contingencies - Rubbins-Racin, Me/B-Pillars - Me, DrinkSocko, EFR/Signature - Google/Pit Crew - This was taken from another car, not sure of the author/Miscellaneous - Me] Comes with ratings and pit crew. Enjoy!
Gen6BR15 Jeb Burton #26 Maxim Fantasy Sports Toyota [Watkins Glen] - 15burtonwgmax26.cup.car 677 downloads
kensethfan - 8/16/2015 - 2 User Comments - 4,494.7 kb  
The car Jeb Burton ran at Watkins Glen. There's a logo missing from the B-pillar because I couldn't identify what it was, but on every other car Burton's ran this year it's not there, so I suppose it's no big deal. [CREDITS: Template - Bullring/Base - Me/Logos - Me, Google, Masgrafx/Numbers - BER/Contingencies - SRD/Signature - Google/Miscellaneous - Me, Google/Pit Crew - SteveZ] Comes with ratings and pit crew. Enjoy!
Cup2000 Sterling Marlin Coors Light #40 Chevy - 00marlincoo40.cup.car 645 downloads
kensethfan - 3/6/2015 - 4 User Comments - 1,294.9 kb  
Sterling Marlin's 2000 Coors Light car for the Cup 2000 mod. I don't think I've ever really appreciated how awesome the original scheme was. [CREDITS: Template - On3Ga, SNG/Base - Me/Logos - Me, Google, eBay/Numbers - BER/Contingencies - SRD, Compiled by me/B-Pillars - Google, Me/Miscellaneous - Me, Google, Jayski, Wikipedia, Identifont, eBay/Pit Crew - SG3 Overspray(?)] Comes with ratings and pit crew. Enjoy!
Cup 2000 Joe Nemechek Oakwood Homes #33 Chevy - 2000nemechek33.cup.car 615 downloads
kensethfan - 3/2/2015 - 0 User Comments - 1,910.4 kb  
Joe Nemechek's 2000 Chevy for the Cup2000 mod.Pretty satisfied with this. Not much else to say other than I pretty much wasted my entire day on this one car. Oh, well. [CREDITS: Template - TeamOm3ga, SNG/Base - Me/Logos - Me, Google, SRD, eBay/Numbers - BER/Contingencies - Compiled by me, decals from Google, SNG, eBay/Signature - Me/B-Pillars - Google, Me/Miscellaneous - Me, Google, Jayski, Wikipedia, Identifont/Pit Crew - RacinGrafix(?)] Comes with ratings and pit crew. Enjoy!
2015 Jamie McMurray McDonalds #1 Chevy Gen6 - 15mcmurraymcd1.cup.car 1153 downloads
17kenseth88jrfan - 2/7/2015 - 0 User Comments - 3,167.2 kb  
Felt like doing a 2015 car, so I did Jamie McMurray's McDonalds Chevy for next season. Was kind of surprised that nobody had done this car yet, as far as I could tell. Satisfied with the result. [CREDITS: Template - BER/Base: Me/Logos - Google, Wikimedia/Numbers - BER/Contingencies - SRD, BER/Signature - Me/B-Pillars - gogonzo/Miscellaneous - Wikipedia, Me/Pit Crew - NDG] Comes with ratings and pit crew. Enjoy!
1992 #0 Delma Cowart Gen6 Retro - dcowartgen6.cup.car 581 downloads
kensethfan - 11/27/2014 - 2 User Comments - 1,147.2 kb  
This is living legend Delma "TURN DOWN FOR WHAT" Cowart's 1992 Ford on a Gen6 model. I do this only for the humor of it. Comes with ratings and a pit crew, borrowed from the one that came with Cowart's carfile in the Cup90 1992 car set. [CREDITS: Template - BER/Base - Me/Logos - Me/Numbers - Me/Contingencies - Me, Google, eBay/Signature - Me/Miscellaneous: Me, Google, Identifont, DMR] Enjoy!
NR2003 Ratings Calculator Utility - Ratings Calculator.xlsx 1100 downloads
kensethfan - 11/21/2014 - 7 User Comments - 4.2 kb  
This is a tool that can be used to calculate ratings for NR2003, as implied by the title. As such, it can be used for the jobs that NRatings just can''t do: Calculate ratings from online/offline leagues, or from real-life results that the NRatings database doesn''t provide. Simply input given statistics into the F column according to the categories, and the spreadsheet will automatically generate ratings. This utility, however, does NOT import those ratings into the game, you need to do that manually. This tool was made in Google Spreadsheet and then converted to an .xslx file. Should work in Microsoft Excel, but I''m not sure if it works for all versions. The ratings formulas are based on the formulas by SnyderArt and Rupe made for NRatings. Let me know if there''s any issues. Enjoy!
T.G. Sheppard's Folgers Coffee Machine Late 80's Logo *UPDATED* - folgerslogo.psd 506 downloads
kensethfan - 11/1/2014 - 2 User Comments - 87.9 kb  
All I've done here is change the font for some of the subtext, to reflect the original car a little bit better. This is the Folgers logo that was on a number of the Hendrick Motorsports cars in the late 80's. Went and did this because good luck finding this logo anywhere else. Proportions might look a bit off, but I did the best I could to trace the logo from a Ken Schrader decal sheet I found on eBay. Enjoy!
2015 Kasey Kahne #5 Time Warner Cable (Gen6BR) - 5kahnetwc2015.cup.car 562 downloads
kensethfan - 10/4/2014 - 2 User Comments - 1,779.7 kb  
One of Kasey Kahne's 2015 cars, sponsored by everyone's favorite cable company, [/sarcasm] Time Warner Cable. There's nothing too drastically different between this year's car and next year's car that it needed to be done immediately, but I went and painted this because I felt like it. Base might be a little off, but otherwise I'm happy with the result. I do plan on doing Kahne's other two 2015 cars, so look out for those. ;) [CREDITS: Template - BER/Base - NDG,/Numbers - BER/Logos - Google, SRD, Modified by me/Contingencies - Alan Harkleroad/B-Pillars - gogonzo/Signature - T4G/Miscellanous - Jayski, Google] Comes with ratings, but I'm afraid no pit crew. Enjoy!
2007 Bill Elliott Motorcraft #21 (NNC07) - belliott2007nnc.cup.car 565 downloads
kensethfan - 9/28/2014 - 0 User Comments - 416.9 kb  
One of the cars Bill Elliott ran in 2007 for the NNC07 mod. Lining up the contingencies on the fenders were a bit of a headache, but overall, I'm satisfied with the result. [CREDITS: Template - TeamSBR/Base - Me/Logos - Google, SimRacingDesign/Numbers - BER, Edited by Me/Contingencies - bman1699/B-Pillars - chevydriver3 and mike_84/Signature - Turn4Grafx/Miscellaneous: Identifont, azfonts.net, Wikipedia] Car comes with ratings and pit crew, although the pit crew was borrowed from a Ken Schrader car from the SS.net COT mod. Enjoy!
Budweiser "King of Beers" 1980's/Early 1990's Hood Logo - budhoodlogo.psd 484 downloads
kensethfan - 9/25/2014 - 0 User Comments - 55.0 kb  
Figured some people might be looking for this, and I know I was, so I went and made one. The logo was traced using the path tool in GIMP from the original logo on a decal sheet I found on Slixx's Racing Decals. Enjoy!
2007 Boris Said #60 (NNC07 Mod) - bsaid2007.cup.car 572 downloads
kensethfan - 9/8/2013 - 11 User Comments - 297.1 kb  
I found a 2007 carset for the NNC07 mod, but I found a few cars were missing from it, specifically this one, so I'm just going ahead and filling in the gaps. The other car that's notably missing is JJ Yeley's car, which I might paint if I could find a decent base for. OutlawGamerz has one I know, but it's not very accurate. On this car, the contingencies were a pain to line up, and the base was difficult to get spot on. But I'm satisfied with the result. Thoughts? || CREDITS: Template - TeamSBR / Base - Me / Numbers - NDG / Logos - Google, Masgrafx / Contingencies - bman1699 / B-Pillars - mike_84 / Render - Ten0r's / Miscellaneous - Google, Me || Ratings included.
Red Byron #22 First NASCAR Champion BR13 Car (w/ Ratings) - 22byron.cup.car 554 downloads
kensethfan - 4/2/2013 - 3 User Comments - 277.3 kb  
Ladies and gentlemen, the mother of all throwbacks. I tried to put the scheme of the car that won the first NASCAR Sprint Cup championship on a 2013 body. A friend of mine said I wouldn't be able to pull it off. While I think the car is at best decent, I think he was right. Forgive me, Raymond Parks. CREDITS: Template - SRD; Everything Else: Me, with sources from Google. And if you for some reason like this car, I'll try my best to ignore your at best questionable mental status and leave it here. So, yeah...have fun with that...
NNRCS Cars (#99, #10) - NNRCS Cars - #99, #10.zip 599 downloads
kensethfan - 7/15/2012 - 0 User Comments - 1,665.0 kb  
Here are two more NNRCS racecars due to run in the coming season. The #99 I had to paint over again entirely from scratch, since it was lost when my hard drive gave up. I don't think it looked any different from the original car. As for the #10, I think it looked a lot better in my head than it does here. CREDITS FOR BOTH CARS: Templates - DMR; Bases - Me; Numbers - Masgrafx, EFR, Me; Logos - Google, Masgrafx, Me; Contigencies - Me; Miscellaneous - Google, Wikipedia, Me || Enjoy! Please comment!
NNRCS Cars: #1 - Blake Camphausen - bcamphausen12.cup.car 717 downloads
kensethfan - 4/16/2012 - 1 User Comments - 704.1 kb  
Another request from the AARO forum. This entry, the #99 and the Track Tours car I all lost because I never posted them here before MediaFire decided it wanted a user-only approach by deleting anything posted anonymously, also before my old hard drive went corrupt. Luckily, this car wasn't as difficult to paint, seeing as it was unsponsored. |||| CREDITS: Template - DMR; Base - Me; Numbers - Masgrafx; Logos - Masgrafx; Contigencies - Me; Everything Else - Me, Wikipedia |||| Enjoy!
2012 AARO Amp Energy Racing Series - #85 Save-a-Cone Dodge - 85saveacone12.cup.car 773 downloads
kensethfan - 4/12/2012 - 1 User Comments - 1,595.8 kb  
Both Kensethfan Racing cars will bear the colors of the Save-a-Cone foundation for the next two races each of them make. All who haven't been following my work on the AARO forums or YouTube and don't know what Save-a-Cone is, it was a joke foundation I came up with for the lulz. <3 || CREDITS: Template - OutlawGamerz; Base - Me; Numbers - Me; Logos - Masgrafx, NNR, Google, Me; Contigencies - TMMasterCup426; Pit Box - Me; Everything Else - Me, Wikipedia || If I get enough positive feedback on this car, I might post the Save-a-Cone .psd logo to anybody who wants it. Enjoy, and comment!
2011 NASCAR Champions Mainback - mainback.stp 940 downloads
kensethfan - 12/3/2011 - 4 User Comments - 490.4 kb  
First of all, I couldn't find Austin Dillon's signature, so I didn't put one in. Just download the file, pop it in the series folder you want the mainback to sport, and then run it in the game. CREDITS: Pictures - Me / Cars - DMR, SRD, EPD / Track - Revamped Reloaded / Signatures - Rubbins' Racing, Google / Series Logos - Google, EFR / Fonts - Masgrafx, Google. Enjoy!
NNRCS Cars: #75 - Preston Bell - 75prestonbell.tga 828 downloads
kensethfan - 11/10/2011 - 0 User Comments - 2,719.3 kb  
Done by request of one of the entrants over at the AARO forums. It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but it turned out much better than I initially thought it would look. The base was harder to make than it looks. Lastly, the errors in the back window and the dashboard may have to do with Ten0r's itself. CREDITS: Template: DMR || Base: Google, Me || Logos: Me, Google, Masgrafx, MRD || Numbers: Google, Me || Contigencies: Me || Miscellaneous: Wikipedia, Ten0r's, Me. Enjoy!
NNRCS Six Car Pack (32, 35, 59, 72, 73, 98) - NNRCS 2012 Six Car Pack.zip 1015 downloads
kensethfan - 8/17/2011 - 4 User Comments - 4,755.6 kb  
Six cars I've painted at the request of their entrants for the NNRacing.com Cup Series (The #72 is a replica of a SS.net car Jeff24fan did for Hyperacti when the league was just starting out.). All these cars will have ratings to them when the carset is released. |||| CREDITS (For all cars) |||| Templates: DMR || Bases: Me || Logos: Masgrafx, Me, Wikipedia, Google, MLDesigns, SRD, Scott Huhn, Anybody I may have forgotten || Numbers: Masgrafx, Google, Me || Contigencies: Me || Everything Else: Google, Wikipedia, Me || Enjoy!
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