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since 6.4.1996

Username: NascarDude112
First Name: Daniel Last Name: Macaya
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uploaded files
Chick Hicks V3 - ChickV3.cts.car 181 downloads
NascarDude112 - 8/10/2023 - 0 User Comments - 194.7 kb  
This Is The Updated Chick Hicks V3 Paint Scheme,Give Credit If Used
Chick Hicks For The Aero88 Mod - Chick.cts.car 187 downloads
NascarDude112 - 8/2/2023 - 5 User Comments - 252.0 kb  
I made chick hicks from the cars movie because is my favorite character,including Lightning Mcqueen. the Number Is Used From THe Stunod Page,And Some Of The Logos Are Taken From Google
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