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since 6.4.1996

Username: Chevy_Lp_445
First Name: Gökdeniz Last Name: Gül
E-mail: gokdenizgul3000@gmail.com
ICQ: Location: Germany,Hessen,Butzbach
Hobbies: i play rfactor Play Nr2003 as well , And play Nascar Inside Line with pleasure Web Page:
uploaded files
New Piston Cup Cars (7 Cars) - New Piston Cup Cars.rar 180 downloads
Chevy_Lp_445 - 4/20/2021 - 0 User Comments - 3,863.9 kb  
I made a small carset and all of these were made in GIMPPortable again. The 81 car is similar to the 2003 81 car of Jason Keller
NH State Trooper car for SswCot mod - NHStateTrooper.cup.car 138 downloads
Chevy_Lp_445 - 4/18/2021 - 0 User Comments - 297.4 kb  
Made it with GIMPPortable but the car is not that accurate
Chick Hicks Eyes for Cup Mod - bottom.rar 112 downloads
Chevy_Lp_445 - 4/16/2021 - 0 User Comments - 54.5 kb  
How i did it? : I used WinMip2 and converted the .mip file to an .tga file and edited the tga file in GIMP Portable.
Trabzonspor Dodge Charger Dayona #61 (GN70SS) - TrabzonsporDodgeChargerDaytona61.rar 129 downloads
Chevy_Lp_445 - 4/13/2021 - 0 User Comments - 366.9 kb  
I've made a Awesome Car that has Sponsors of my Favorite Soccer Club! Trabzonspor is a Soccer Team in Turkey who won's 6 league Wins 9 Turk-Cup wins and 9 Super Cup wins. The number 61 is the mark of Trabzon so i used the Number. (Not Nascar Cup Hehe)
Disney Pixar Cars Aero88 Carset - Piston_Cup_Aero88_Carset.rar 147 downloads
Chevy_Lp_445 - 4/12/2021 - 0 User Comments - 7,312.0 kb  
Hello guys 1st im happy that i'm back in NNRacing to post some Cars and Carsets and now I've made more Cars carsets. I've made these Cars with GIMP Portable and downloaded some Logos in Google.... and i've made this with effort!
Disney Pixar Cars leakless , Revngo , Towcap , Vitoline , etc aero88 Carset - disney cars pack.rar 822 downloads
Chevy_Lp_445 - 10/13/2018 - 2 User Comments - 1,847.1 kb  
some nice custom paint i made
Nr2003 Disney Cars Piston Cup 1970 CarPack - Cars Piston Cup 1970 CarPack.rar 965 downloads
Chevy_Lp_445 - 3/11/2018 - 0 User Comments - 17,977.4 kb  
Some Fanmade Piston Cup Racecars how they look in the 70s
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