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Username: nbaker9-91
First Name: Nick Last Name: Baker
E-mail: bakes8321@yahoo.com
ICQ: Location:
Hobbies: Drawing cars, watching races, hanging with friends Web Page:
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2007 Craftsman Truck Series for CWS2015 - 2007truckset.txt 2262 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 1/8/2017 - 8 User Comments - 0.6 kb  
So here's something I've been quietly working on for last few months and finally got it all together to be able to post. 2007 Craftsman Truck Series on the CWS2015 mod. Every truck is rated based on the 2007 season and comes with a generic pit crew. Credits: Temps: BER (Chevy edits by me, Ford), Alan Harkleroad (Toyota), Dylan Baadte (RAM, decal edits by me) Logos: Myself, Google Images, Mayo, MLD, Masgrafx Numbers: BER (myself of course :P ) Contigs: All done by myself with various fonts for most Pit Crew temp: BCR Ratings are done through NRatings Link to the set is in the .txt file.
BK Racing Number Set - BKRNumberSet.rar 2485 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 8/6/2012 - 6 User Comments - 287.9 kb  
Made this a while back, forgot to upload it here, though. Better late than never! Everything made by me. Includes two versions of the 2 (wasn't sure which one looked better)
#41 Poynt.com Ford Mustang NWS11 - 41poynt-ford.gns.rar 2655 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 7/27/2012 - 1 User Comments - 1,390.3 kb  
The car Timmy Hill drives every week. Credits: Temp: SRD, Base: Myself, Logos: Myself, SRD, Google Images Numbers: Myself, Contigs: bman1699, SRD Pit crew: BCR, numbers by myself (Generic pit crew) Enjoy!
26 Front Row Motorsports Numbers - 26frm-numbers12.psd 2561 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 3/14/2012 - 0 User Comments - 101.5 kb  
Here's another one of those "hard to find" numbers! Hope you guys enjoy!
#51 German Quiroga Telcel Toyota *NCTS09* - 51telcel-tundra.cts.car 2894 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 11/26/2011 - 2 User Comments - 1,268.6 kb  
This is the version that German Quiroga drove at New Hampshire for KBM. Template BCR, base by myself, logos from Google me MLD MRD, pit crew temp from BCR, numbers by me.
#3 Dale Earnhardt Jr Wrangler 2010 NNS COY - 3wrangler-chevy.gns.rar 2797 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 11/18/2011 - 2 User Comments - 1,408.6 kb  
Had a request to make Dale Jr's #3 Wrangler Chevy for the GNS PWF mod. Credits: Temp: TeamSBR/SRD with edits by me, Base by me, Numbers by me, Logos from Deadpool, Google, Masgrafx
51 Phoenix Racing Numbers - 51phoenix-numbers.psd 2804 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 9/16/2011 - 1 User Comments - 83.6 kb  
Noticed a lack of Landon Cassill cars for the 51 and thought these numbers could be the reason why, so I decided to make them. If you have Photoshop, you can re-size these without any pixellation.
2011 NNS Extra Schemes for PWF Mod - NNSCarsetPack1link.txt 2869 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 7/27/2011 - 4 User Comments - 0.3 kb  
Here's the first pack of extra schemes. It include quite a few cars from Turner Motorsports and Kevin Harvick Inc. Same credits as the carset.
2011 NNS Carset for the GNS PWF Mod - 2011NNSCarsetLink.txt 3439 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 7/14/2011 - 21 User Comments - 0.3 kb  
Link is in the download. Credits: Templates: Zone15, TeamSBR, SRD, edits by me Bases: All done by me Logos: Myself, Google Images, MRD, MLD Numbers: Most done by me, 68 by Ian Hann, 89 by Masgrafx Contigs: SteveJ37 Pitcrew template by BCR
Sobe No Fear Logo and Skull - No_Fear_logo1.psd 2887 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 6/24/2008 - 6 User Comments - 142.1 kb  
It appears that this logo is actually getting quite popular. I figured I might as well post it here ;)
2008 Charger Template DN Mod - Charger08_Template.psd 2873 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 3/10/2008 - 3 User Comments - 2,006.6 kb  
Credits go to Newkid for lights and grills. Tucknut for original template. Logos from BOTW. Everything used with permission. Thanks to those guys! Thanks to Onion for the render. PSD Format
70 Haas CNC Pocono II nr2k2 - 70sauter-chevy.tga 2837 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 10/18/2007 - 1 User Comments - 768.0 kb  
This is a newer car that didn't come with that set that never was officially released so I thought some people would want/need this! Credits: Same as the other Sauter car I posted (Not sure if it's alright to say that or if you'd like for me to put them again) I was looking at my posted cars before and I was thinking gosh, I have come a long ways! I'd like to thank everyone who commented on my cars for that! You guys ROCK!!!!!
70 Johnny Sauter!!! - 70sauter-chevy.cup.car 2705 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 10/12/2007 - 1 User Comments - 267.8 kb  
Not 100%, Credits: Temp: SBR, logos/#s/Contigencies: BOTW, MLD, MRD, Mas, bman1699 Base: me Yellow logo I forgot where i got it.... so if you think it's yours plz let me know!
Base Scheme for the SS.net COT Mod! - ESR_BaseSSCOT.psd 2896 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 10/10/2007 - 3 User Comments - 440.2 kb  
The only credits I have is me for the base lol. This whole thing is done in Photoshop!!!! Special thanks goes out to Houston9388 for help with the pentool!!!! PSD Format
77 Requested car - 77helect-chevy.cup.car 2846 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 9/12/2007 - 3 User Comments - 410.0 kb  
Template: Tucknut/Kartrac3r Logos: sent by the requester Contigs: Bman1699 Numbers: Masgrafx
22 ESR Development COT???? - 22esr.zip 2923 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 9/9/2007 - 6 User Comments - 404.6 kb  
Yes, here is the COT version of the infamous ARCA I did earlier! Credits go to JAWS72racing for the Logos and #s, Temp/Contigs: Tucknut, Base: Me. BASE IS INCLUDED IN THE ZIP FILE. (Just feeling nice today lol) Comments are welcomed! Thanks!
22 ESR ARCA 2007 - 22esr-dodge.gns.car 2846 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 8/26/2007 - 4 User Comments - 1,368.0 kb  
Z15-Temp, Logos and Numbers- JAWs72racing2, Base- Me. This is for sebs ARCA set!
27 Sam Hornish ARCA Mich - 27hornish-dodge.gns.car 2888 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 8/17/2007 - 10 User Comments - 855.9 kb  
Temp- Z15, Numbers- Masgrafx, logos- Masgrafx, Base- Me, Contigs- Masgrafx, Render- Falcon140. Seb, I have updated the car since I had e-mailed you so it's in 1024*1024
2007 20 ARCA car *UPDATE* - 20arca-chevy.gns.car 2859 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 8/10/2007 - 7 User Comments - 360.8 kb  
Here's one of the cars that I'm doing for Seb's ARCA carset! Credits go out to Tucknut/Here for template, Masgrafx Contigs, Base and Numbers by Me. Comments are welcomed! This is the first real car that I have posted! Sam Hornish Jr's car from Michigan will follow when this falls off the homepage! Render by Falcon75! IF YOU WANT, YOU CAN REDOWNLOAD THIS FOR 1024 RESOULUTION!!!!!!
31 Jeff Burton Holiday Inn - 31holiday_chevy.cup.car 2696 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 5/25/2007 - 3 User Comments - 176.9 kb  
Creds: tuck temp, mrd #s, mas logos, base me, render carviewer. Thanks for the comments and downloads.
91 Camaro Many Sponsors! - 91bud-fictional.cup.bmp 2777 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 2/25/2007 - 4 User Comments - 624.2 kb  
First Off, this car was going to be in the carset, but i didn''t get the render in to upload it. The sides are different for a reason: uniqueness lol. Base: me, Template: Mcmustang51''s site, Logos: google, here, BOTW, and other places, Render scene: Smoke-Or (thanks Venom for making it), # font: masgrafx, contigs: 2007 version from bman1699! Thank you for your comments. A Bitmip file.
ATL Falcons Fictional Charger - 7Falcons_fictional.cup.tga 2857 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 1/3/2007 - 11 User Comments - 322.5 kb  
Temp: Zone15, Contigs: bman1699, Logos: sportslogos.net, numbers: me, base: me, render: Carview (edited by me). Comments? Opinions? Tell me what you got. Too bad they fire Jim Mora Jr. New Years. Thank you! car is in tga format. Driver suit by me (logos from listed above).
# 17 NBDESIGNZ Dodge Charger - 17nbdesigns-fictional.bmp 2721 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 1/1/2007 - 4 User Comments - 520.4 kb  
Base: me, #s: Script MT Bold font, signiture and Super Bee font same, contigs here, 3d car from Carview background by me, NBDesignz logos by burnout at RCC, Dodge logos from Google, and template from zone15. Comments needed, advice, critism, ect. wanted. Not the greatest car ever i know. Thank you. This car is in bmp format.
9 Dodge Alt - 9dodgeALT.cup.car.zip 2656 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 12/18/2006 - 0 User Comments - 419.2 kb  
Here's another car by me. Credits included. Render from Carview. Thanks for Downloading. nbaker9-91
Kahne Alt 3 - KahneALT3.tga 2361 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 12/13/2006 - 9 User Comments - 137.7 kb  
Credits to simcargrafx for temp, base me, logos google jayski.com and mas, # modified by me original from cynon, contigs bman1699 (i think, but from here) and render background from masgrafx. Comments are welcomed, critisism also. tell me if it wins anything lol. I still haven't gotten Photoshop down, but i made this before i got Photoshop. Once again not expecting many downloads, posted just for looks/comments/questions. Thanks all! hope u like....
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