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47 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. NOS Energy Camero ZL1
CamoTwitch - 8/4/2022 - 1,681.9 kb - 56 User Downloads  
Posted By: CamoTwitch  
Go to my website for all my templates https://ctdgarage.wixsite.com/nr2003-schemes .tga to .rar Numbers: Big Evil Racing (heavily modified by me) Sponsors: Google (heavily modified by me) scheme: Me Template: FCRD and NCRD Render: James Hodge
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Posted By: Matt Yeager  
Thank you for uploading, your cars look great. BTW, you should select the type "Cars" when uploading, so they are easier to find while searching. Also, enter the year and car number. Here is the message you can read on the main page: "There has been many files posted in the past and more so recently that are not being put into the correct category when user are uploading files to the site. Example - Car files are not "ALL" they go into the "Cars" category. Also many are forgetting to put the Year & Car Number as well. Many complaints have been posted at a few sites and pm's have been received as to why when searching the site for files, people can not find them. Putting them into the wrong category creates this issue."
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