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Brennan Poole Darlington 1 (NXS20)
garat66 - 5/8/2022 - 786.9 kb - 162 User Downloads  
Posted By: garat66  
This is the car Brennan Poole DNQ'ed with for the 2022 Mahindra ROXOR 200 at Darlington. Sadly, The team once again picked up a DNQ after qualifying was cancelled due to rain, even thought they had already raced their way into the main event. But, the car had a lot of speed, so there is a high chance they will make the upcoming races! CREDITS: Template: NXS20 Mod Logo's: Internet, https://www.mikeharmonracing74.com/
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Posted By: garat66  
ty! hope you enjoy, planning on releasing more stuff soon so stay tuned. :)
Posted By: codkazuo  
Great work! Appreciate you uploading these schemes.
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