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Days of Thunder Russ Wheeler (Cup90)
DumbManLo - 4/30/2022 - 13,897.0 kb - 194 User Downloads  
Posted By: DumbManLo  
While almost all Days of Thunder Schemes that came pre-packed with the Cup90 Mod have been remade, I was surprised to find nobody had made a new Russ Wheeler for said Mod. Though I'm not the biggest Fan of Days of Thunder, I still thought it'd be a fun Challenge to make a new Russ Wheeler. Ignoring the slight creative Liberties I've taken with this Scheme (especially with the Pit Crew), the Car should look quite Accurate to what you see in the Film. Featured in the Download are 2 Versions of Russ' Car: a clean Version, and one where he's a little dirty (as seen in the Screenshot). All of that aside though, I hope you'll enjoy this Scheme as much as I did making it! Credits: Car Template - Rioux (RacinGrafix) Decals - Google Images, eBay Number - Tre Cool (StunodRacing) Dirt & Scratch Effects - MENCS19 Dodge Challanger Template by Zachary Merz_YT (StunodRacing) Pit Crew Template - ernhrtfanracing
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