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2021 Truck Series Set 2 (CWS2015)
DavidLivez - 11/23/2021 - 0.2 kb - 58 User Downloads  
Posted By: DavidLivez  
My apologies for the inconvenient way of downloading, the file was just too big :/ Mod: CWS2015 Templates: BER (Ford), 3djedi (Toyota), dallaire18 (Chevy) Bases: Myself Logos: Google, Jayski.com, kylebuschmotorsports.com, Chris Hacker's Facebook/Twitter, davidgillilandracing.com, bretholmesracing.com (Special thanks to @JGamboaDesigns for helping me find the "Visual Innovations" logo) Numbers: BER, DiecastCharv Renders: Myself
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Posted By: ongias25  
Excellent work David!
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