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Cup 2000 #40 Peach Bowl S Marlin Monte Carlo
CC#48 - 11/28/2020 - 1,295.6 kb - 2204 User Downloads  
Posted By: CC#48  
Omega Cup 2000 Mod and Templates... Contingencies and logos numbers from my collection and google search ..Enjoy..
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User Comments:
Posted By: CC#48  
Thanks I agree.
Posted By: user_x  
I love old cars and these are no exception. Thanks!!
Posted By: CC#48  
Thanks, painting cars for NR2K3 is more of a winter time hobby than what I have done in the past. Plan on doing a few mods from the 80s 90s mainly.
Posted By: tenderman65  
Good to see you back again, Chris! Great work!
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