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#12 HAWK Performance Ford Fusion (All Star Race)
38Cassill38 - 5/26/2018 - 1,601.7 kb - 1689 User Downloads  
Posted By: 38Cassill38  
Driven by Ryan Blaney in the Monster Energy All Star Race. 2048, no pit crew or ratings. Template from SNG, logos from Google, Alan Harkleroad, Racin Grafx, and me. Numbers from BER. Render done by me. Enjoy!
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Posted By: alfiejay  
I use PSP x9 and works great, but also make sure your paint program will open 2048 templates, some older versions only open 1024 templates to paint.
Posted By: 38Cassill38  
You can't use the paint shop with mods. Go download GIMP.
Posted By: Scoop85  
I can paint cars in nr2003 but not the newer mod/flat files...is there a patch or do you just use an outside program.. When i look at the 2015 truck i DL it looks all messed up in paint shop.
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